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Spring Outfits for vintage girls

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Uploaded: 24th May 2009 at 4:24 AM
My little sim girls have been feeling left out since their moms and big sisters have gotten pretty spring outfits so I decided to make some for them too. Here are half a dozen skirt and jacket combos for them to dress up in. The floral print skirts (and one plaid) are teamed with a solid color jacket which has contrasting buttons and a shiny satin collar which match the buttons on two of the jackets. The outfits are accessorized with Mary Jane sandals in black, navy, brown and mahogany and with white and pastel socks. The mesh is by KiaraRawks See below for link to mesh.

Set 1 includes a mauve jacket with magenta floral skirt, a dusty rose jacket with peach and rose plaid skirt and a tomato jacket with a yellow print skirt.

Set 2 has a beige jacket with blue print skirt, blue jacket with gold print and sage jacket with sage and rose print skirt

Additional Credits:
Hair by Melodie9 and DJMur.