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Vintage 'Family Reunion' Collection

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2009 at 8:48 PM
After I posted the vintage jumpers for teen girls several people asked if I would make matching outfits for the whole family. I liked that idea and decided to tackle it but wasn't sure how to organize it. Then a few weeks ago I was looking through some old photographs of my grandmother's 90th birthday and noticed how many of the family were dressed in coordinating colors. (Not intentional I'm sure.) So I decided to go with that theme. I chose the blue denim jumper with plaid shirt. (Found here) Then I selected a few coordinating prints and fabrics. Not all are used in each age group but you will find the navy-gray theme in all with a few pink and red accents.
So here are Granny and Gramps with their four sons and four daughters and a multitude of grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Only the clothing for elder females in on this first page. Go to the comments section to find the clothing for the other ages and gender. You will find each group in a separate post.

Three generations. Granny and eldest daughter Luce are modeling the same mesh with Granny showing the fat morph. (I used stretch skeleton to make her as short as MY grandmother was.) Granddaughter Iris models the adult version of the original jumper.

I used three different meshes for elder females to provide some body shape variety. The first two dresses, both similar prints to ones in my family photos, use a mesh by mharpham, which can be found here.

The next three use a mesh from All About Style This mesh is included in the rar file. (These dresses are also available for the mature adult who has some of that middle aged spread.)

The last dress uses the midcalf puff sleeve mesh by bettye. It can be found here. This one is for the beanpole in the family, as it does not seem to have a fat morph. This one also is available for adults.

Below are some of the details of fabric and decoration. The pinstripe denim fabric in the jumper is by HystericalParoxysm.

Hair is by Sussi and Genensims.

Note: I have done something different with my file naming this time in order to make organizing simpler. Most of the files in this download have the name or initials of the mesh creator and a brief bit of the mesh name included in the file name. Example: hkw_FE_BJEmidcalf navy faille uses bettye's BJEmidcalfpuffsleeve mesh. I have also packaged all files that use the same mesh together with the mesh name included in the package name. Hope that is a bit of help to some of you. I know it helps me keep track of them.

I want to thank mharpham, bettye, Judie of All About Style, t2suggas, CatOfEvilGenius, KiaraRawks, HopeBaylor and Snowstorm of Eclectic Sims for all their wonderful meshes. And I especially want to thank Leesester for assisting me with getting this thread put together. Couldn't have done it without you, Lee.