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In the Beginning - Frame recolours for Snowstorm infant swing

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2009 at 2:28 PM
Updated: 15th Jun 2011 at 1:39 PM - Link to meshes added
Edit 15 June 2011:
Since Eclectic Sims is down and I doubt it would return, I have put up my edited one-tile version of the mesh at Sims2Artists.

Snowstorm at Eclectic Sims has some wonderful baby items, some dating back to 2006, like this animated swing for babies.

I am including four frame recolours (fabric parts are repositoried to the in-game crib).

The only drawback (to me at least) is that the original meshes are two-tile. You can make them one-tile easily with this tutorial by Numenor.

The mesh is called SS_InfantSwing_Mesh.package and you will find it under Furnishing-Kids-Nursery items at Eclectic Sims.

Swings are shown with An_na's solid crib fabric recolours here.
Sewing machine in above picture is by Sandy at AroundTheSims2 .
Deco items are from Cocomama's Quilt Shop.
Quilt recolour on wall is by me here .

Files are Compressorized.

Additional Credits:
In the Beginning is the title of a Babylon5 movie (my favourite TV show)