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Functional Nectar Barrels [Updated: 1.6x]

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Uploaded: 8th Jun 2010 at 10:41 PM
Updated: 14th Feb 2014 at 5:00 PM
Updated for the lastest versions of the game. I'm afraid it works fine on the 1.63 - 1.66 - 1.67 versions.

A time ago i was thinking: "Why we can't store nectar on barrels?"...
Then i started to read tutorials to make my first object mod - the Functional Nectar Barrels.

It was cloned from WA's deco barrels, so the mesh is NOT made by me, only the code.

It has almost the same Nectar Rack's functions, but BETTER:
You can store your nectar in it;
Each day(at 00:00), the nectar gets better;

Price: 3200§;
Found in: Storage/Misc catalog;
Polys: 1596 Polys, 1108 Vertices(Same as original)
Color channels: 3
Name: Functional Nectar Barrels
(Language localization for PT-BR and PT-PT)

Files to download:
Each object has a different script and are unique, but for some reason they don't work together, only download ONE.

Functional Nectar Barrels.rar
-> Original flavor, modifier: 0.7

Funcional Nectar Barrels SUPER.rar
-> SUPER flavor, modifier: 50

Functional Nectar Barrels 045.rar
-> Near the best rack(0.35) flavor, modifier: 0.45

Comparisons (Normal):

Can hold:
WA'S expensive Nectar Rack: Holds 15 nectar bottles.
My barrels: Holds 100 nectar bottles.

The appreciation modifier is a lot better.
I made some tests to check it.

Quote: Originally posted by Test
Before storing:
Life fruit Nectar - 60§

One day after, storing in the expensive rack:
Life fruit Nectar - 69§

One day after, storing in the barrels:
Life fruit Nectar - 149§


Hope all of you enjoy - Please report any bugs!

Known bugs:
You can't approach it to serve/taste/stock with nectar. You need to drag it to the barrels' inventory.

Additional Credits:
BailaBaila99 - Core modding tutorial, thanks!
Kolipoki - Object interation tutorial, actually it showed me how to attach a script to a object. Thanks!