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Lattice Patio Set - 3 *NEW* meshes and 3 add'tl recolors

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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2010 at 5:07 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2010 at 2:37 AM
Here I have made a new lattice patio set for your backyard. The set includes new meshes of a table, chair, and bench swing. The set is REPOSITORY with the table as the master for recoloring. You must have the table in your game for the chair and bench swing to show with textures.

The dark wood with the sun face backing is included with the mesh. All other recolors are in the attached recolor rar.

The bench swing does not actually swing, but functions as an outdoor "loveseat".

These are the four designs of the lattice backing as seen here on the table tops. They appear on the table top, the chair back and the back of the bench swing.

Recolorable Info:
There are two recolorable subsets to the mesh, surfaces and back. Surfaces covers the frame and seat area of the bench; the frame of the chair; and the pedestal of the table. Back is the back area of the bench; the seat and back of the chair; and the table top. YOU CAN INTERCHANGE THESE IN-GAME *see the picture below*.

I hope you like them all. I spent days on getting the textures to line up with the UV's for a realistic presentation and the modeling of the bench swing was my most adventurous mesh to date. I even added bolts to hold the swing together for that authentic look.

Catalog and Pricing
Patio Table - Surfaces/Table - 220§
Patio Chair - Seating/Dining Room - 385§
Patio Bench Swing - Seating/Miscellaneous - 500§

Polygon Counts:
Patio table - 786 Faces
Patio Chair - 698 Faces
Patio Bench Swing - 1798 Faces

Additional Credits:
Blender3D, Adobe Photoshop CS5, UVMapper