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Don't fuzz with me - Versatile and Layerable beard!

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2010 at 1:39 AM

I use my stubble pack all the time, so I got bored and wanted a bit more versatility. So, I made this little, but very versatile beard!

The key factor is that it's a face mask, and therefore it can be layered with all beards, sideburns and stubbles! And that means freaking a lot of different looks, especially with the recoloring channels you can have very wiry-fuzzy to more softer stubbly look.
Don't forget to download my stubbles and beards that go perfectly with this.
This is from YA to Elder males.

CC on models:
Skins by Peggy, 234jiao and subaxi.
Teethy lipstick by Subaxi
Sickly pale dude's Anto hair conversion by v_ware
Red Peggy hair conversion by manwon90927
Golden Anto hair conversion by TumTum
Highlights Nouk hair conversion by TumTum
Brows on golden haired dude by nandonalt
Earring thing by Heiret (under downloads)

ALL OTHER STUFF and every little detail on their faces is by me, and everything can be found under my downloads.