Steam-Bot! -base game compatible steampunk robot-

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2010 at 3:14 AM
Updated: 13th Sep 2011 at 12:38 PM
This is a robot, this is steampunk, this is base game and this is totally playable as a normal sim! :D

This is Steam-Bot!! He comes directly from the Steampunk age to make your neighbourhood be full of rusty tin and inimaginable inventions.

ATTENTION! This is NOT a simbot. It's a fully playable normal sim, base game compatible.

Traits: neat, never nude, perfectionist, computer whiz, genius.

He needs the never nude trait so he doesn't remove his body and head for taking a bath and a human body appears

He is found in the male young adult category, but he can be both male and female and from teen to elder.

The head is found in the "glasses and other accesories" area, the body in the full body clothing and the null feet in the feet area.

The recolorable channels are shown in the funky colors picture of the bottom.

Favourites: Food: Ratatouille, Music: Classical (remember where he comes from ), Color: Spice Brown (but I prefer to call it Rusty Brown ).

It's completelly made by me as a new mesh from nothing, so I hope you like it ^^

All the pictures are taken in my "Utopia" lot

Poly Counts:
Head: 984
Body: 5878
Null Feet: 30

Custom Content by Me:
Steam-Bot's Head
Steam-Bot's Body
Steam-Bot's Null feet (to make his real feet show up)

Additional Credits:
All the lovely people in #Create

UPDATE (22nd September): I added an extra file with a new version of the null feet that works for sleep and swimwear too. Please, download it, and sorry for the fail.