The 50's Kitchen

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Uploaded: 17th Jan 2011 at 7:10 PM
Updated: 25th May 2012 at 3:10 PM
Updated for Pets and patch 1.31

The new files will overwrite the old one and sadly the new files will not work with unpatched games

UPDATE 11-01-20

I've now edit the pack giving the counter a name and fix a small testure on the dishrack. It's just a small cosmetic fix you can download if you want...

I love the 50's design and have made some objects from then. Here I've collected some of these to a 50's set.

I had some problems with the dimensions of the refrigerator. The common modular system with 60 cm as basic dimensions, EA base their measure of a grid of 100 cm as standard measurements. It did not really fit on the refrigerator so I did a little shelfmodul outside the refrigerator. The rack has five slots for the placement of small objects.
Don't place large items on the shelves. The sims can't use the refrigerator if you do.

The Stove

Usually had this type of stove only three plates, so this is an EA-adaptation to the stove to use animation as they cook. I can not change the animations. But my piece now that it works well.

The sink
Yes making is a common type that I use in almost any house. After some problems with the water and it works great animations. I want to especially thank cmomoney for all your help with this. This sink is a fovorite for me, very typical for many swedish homes.

Kitchen Fan
This is actually the smoke detector that I have done on a kitchen fan. There were no electronic smokedetectors in the 50's.
The fan acts as a fire alarm.

A convenient type of kitchen cabinets that were very common. This type has also started new produced. Same thing here, problems with EA's measurement system. The standard height of the walls is 240 cc, but the walls of the Sims is 300 cm high. But yes, it is good with high ceilings.
The cabinets can be found among Decorations - other. They are not ordinary cabinets because I did not have a corner variation. These did not exist.
The cabinets I have done so they Goes Down With The Walls, which is good since they are quite large and very obscure.

Bench Counters

These, I had big problems with. It would not be good in the corners. With the help of, among others Inge Jones, I got the work. If the texture is changed it is easy to arrange using the editing tool. Just click on the bench and select texture. I know there is a problem with counters and package-formats. I think it's easier with Sims3pack installations but MTS prefer packages. It is possible to fix the conter with the CAST tool, just a little fiddling...

Dish Rack
Not much to say about, I have one myself. It has three color channels so that you can change the appearance of plates and mugs.
Dish The place is among Decorations - Other.

Small cabinet with glass drawers
I do not know what this is called in English. There is a small cabinet with drawers of glass that hung under the cabinet for storage of groceries, flour, sugar and spices.
You'll find it here also among Decorations - Other.

Cost - Color Channels

The refrigerator costs $ 330 and are among the other fridges, three Color Channels
The stove costs $ 250 and are among the other fireplaces, three Color Channels
The sink will cost $ 240 and include The Other sinks, two color channel
The Fan will cost $ 100 and include Electronics - Other, note recolorable
The Cabinet will cost $ 55 are among Decorations - Other, two color channels
Bench counter costs $ 140, three color channels
Dish rack costs $ 15, are among Decorations - Other, three color channels
Small cabinet with drawers ice cream costs $ 75 is among Decorations - Top, two color channels.

Polygon Counts:
The refrigerator has 1444 vertices and 1156 faces
The stove has 1223 vertices and 1012 faces
The sink have 1174 vertices and 1535 faces
The fan / smoke alarms Have 252 vertices and 270 faces
The Cabinet have 796 vertices and 528 faces
The Counter have 671 vertices and 472 faces
The plate rack have 632 vertices and 270 faces
The small cabinet with glass drawers Have 576 vertices and 384 faces

Additional Credits:
I want to thank EA for the game, all the helpful folks on the forums, cmomoney, Inge Jones, and others, the developers of the tools I use and the autors of tutorials