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Maxis Computers as Decorative Objects *Updated 7-6-2011*

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2011 at 9:06 PM
Updated: 26th May 2014 at 6:47 PM - Fixed an issue I found
"Sick of your Sims always playing on the computer? Fool them with this handy dandy... decorative computer. Serves no other purpose than to take up space and give the illusion of owning a computer."

I downloaded a lot recently that has a few too many computers on it, and rather than destroy the look of the lot (its a hospital) and get rid of all the extraneous computers, I created a decorative object to replace them with. All four Maxis computers are provided. The Moneywell, Little Sister WD15, Pear ShinyStation, and LyfeBGon computers all pull all textures from the original computers plus any recolors you may have. Here Jessica Picaso is admiring musiquefille's steampunk recolor on the closed version of the Little Sister (as it sits next to an actual Little Sister computer)

I've provided two versions of the Little Sister computer, one with the screen down (closed) and one with it up (open).

The Pear ShinyStation and LyfeBGon computers DO work in BaseGame, but as they pull their textures from the actual computers, they don't display textures (they flash blue) unless TeenStyleStuff or Apartment Life are installed, respectively. As such, I've marked those two files as needing the proper expansion/StuffPack.

The base for the computers is the "Measure of a Sim" sculpture, and as such, the computer is place-able on any surface that sculpture is, including the floor as I found out in my test house, and coffee tables as shown in the first picture.

Like I said, these pull the recolors of the original computers, so if you want to recolor them, just recolor the original computer.

The Decorative Computers are found in Decorative/Sculptures OR in the Decorative Category of Living Room or Study in Room Sort. They cost 1/10 the cost of the original computers. The Moneywell Sculpture costs $100, the LyfeBGon costs $190, the Pear ShinyStation costs $200 and the Little Sister costs $280

Do whatever you want with these things, all of it comes from the game, I just made it decorative.

SMALL UPDATE: I noticed as I was taking pictures of my Decorative TVs and Stereos that some of the stereos and these computers were not place-able on OfB shelves. So I fixed them. Re download if you got these before July 6th 2011. You need the ones with the "OfB" after the name. These files are still base game compatible and DO NOT require OfB, they simply will sit on the OfB shelves if you have it installed. I suggest everyone get the OfB ones instead of the originals.

Polygon Counts:
The poly counts are as follows (I didn't alter the maxis mesh in anyway, so if they seem high, blame the game)
Little Sister (both versions): 1418 polys/1914 vertex
Moneywell: 1306 polys/1985 vertex
LyfeBGon: 1004 polys/1192 vertex
Pear Station: 1196 polys/1462 vertex