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*Request* Wind Up Doll Key

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2012 at 11:30 PM
Updated: 12th Jan 2012 at 8:18 AM
TONYPILOT sent me request for a wind up doll key and since it didn't seem to difficult I agreed to make it for him. He also requested that it be animated, but after repeated failure, I'm sorry to say this one is quite stationary. If the rotating one ever quits being stubborn Tony just might get his whole request. But I figure part is better than nothing at all so here's the stationary one.

It fits all ages and genders and comes in nine different colors: Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Wrought Iron, Rust, Tarnished Gold, Tarnished Silver, and Tarnished Bronze. I'm especially proud of the Tarnished Gold and Tarnished Silver colors since those I made myself instead of relying on pictures. All use a custom icon since the standard EA camera shows absolutely nothing of the key. And the tool tip for each one will also tell you the color. Also, it's showerproof and stays on in all categories except outerwear.

I can't begin to tell you where any of the custom content seen in the pictures came from, I'm not that good at keeping track of everything, just that it's all free. The skintones though are Astiees Sparkling Flesh skintones made into defaults by me. And the dresses on the toddler and child girls are age conversions of the UberFamily dress from FreeTime, by me (I'll link as soon as the thread is approved) (This particular photo shoot killed two birds with one stone.)

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