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3 Firefly (Serenity) Custom Careers

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2011 at 10:26 AM
Firefly Careers
These are based off of the TV series Firefly, its movie, Serenity, and references the Those Left Behind comic. Basically, they’re good careers for your sci-fi sims. All are EP-compatible, Compressorized, and need only the base game to function. They are also salary-balanced relative to one another: thus, a Companion makes quite a lot of money, and Alliance personnel, especially at the upper echelons of power, get a MUCH higher salary than someone in the Firefly career. The careers contain nods to a number of episodes, and you might just see one or two of the pinyin Chinese phrases pop up on a chance card, though you won’t need to understand them to get the gist of the card.

Sino-Anglo Alliance
Icon: Blue Sun Logo
Focused skills: Body, Logic, Mechanical, Cleaning
Reward: Fingerprint Gun
Levels: Alliance Enlistee, Customs Agent, Bounty Hunter, Undercover Lawman, Alliance Officer, Alliance Commander, Academy Researcher, Hands of Blue, Operative, Member of Parliament
Top Salary: 4229
Notes: Lots of long hours and high skilling needed, but very high-paying. With 14 friends needed for the top position, one of the more difficult careers. Also, the Blue Sun icon was difficult to make.

Level 1: Alliance Enlistee
Workdays: M W Th Sa Su
Hours: 12 pm-8 pm
Salary: 207
Description: The troublesome outer planets have declared their independence, so you joined up in an attempt to stop them. As an enlisted soldier, you go where your commanders tell you to go and fight when they tell you to fight. If you're going to survive the war, you'll need to work on your Body and Mechanical skill.

Level 2: Bounty Hunter
Workdays: M Th F Sa Su
Hours: 6 pm-2 am
Salary: 338
Description: The war's over, so you're making your money rounding up Browncoat war criminals, escaped felons, and anyone else who's on the wrong side of the law. It can be dangerous work, so make sure your wits stay sharp and your Logic skills improve if you want to advance.

Level 3: Customs Agent
Workdays: M W Th F Sa
Hours: 4 pm-12 am
Salary: 569
Description: Being a bounty hunter finally got too stressful for you, so when you saw one of the outer planets had a relatively cushy position as a customs agent, you took it. As a customs agent, you make sure that smugglers aren't getting any manner of contraband into a port without paying the proper duties. It's a relatively dull life, but safe, and it pays a steady wage.

Level 4: Undercover Lawman/Lawwoman
Workdays: M Th F Sa Su
Hours: 5 pm-11 pm
Salary: 791
You got bored with being a customs agent in such a sleepy place, so when a riskier assignment came up, you took it. Assigned to pursue escaped criminals, your goal is to innocuously blend in with your surroundings to infiltrate any ship, city, or outpost in the 'Verse, lulling your suspects into a false sense of security before you snatch them. Can you succeed, or will you be exposed?

Level 5: Alliance Officer
Workdays: M W Th F Sa
Hours: 9 am-4 pm
Salary: 1046
Description: Your work as an undercover officer was enough to attract the attention of an Alliance officer, who offered to sponsor your admittance into the Alliance's Officer Training Program. Fresh out of school, you're posted to the I.A.V. Dortmunder as its navigational officer. Work hard and you may advance through the ranks.

Level 6: Alliance Commander
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-4 pm
Salary: 1519
Description: Your time aboard the Dortmunder served you well. As recognition of your talents, the Alliance has offered you command of your own vessel, the I.A.V. Columbus. If you can use your prestigious position to make friends, who knows what opportunities might open up for you?

Level 7: Academy Researcher
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 9 am-4 pm
Salary: 2007
Description: Working for the government might bring prestige, but it doesn't bring much in the way of payment - at least, not compared to working in the private sector. One of your contacts on the core worlds recommended you for a job with the Blue Sun Corporation working on top-secret weapons development research, and you accepted the position gratefully. You might feel a little uneasy about some of the research, but then again, it is the Alliance government that's contracted Blue Sun to do this research...and the money is very, very good.

Level 8: Hands of Blue
Workdays: T Th F Sa
Hours: 9 am-5 pm
Salary: 2514
Description: Two by two, hands of blue...You did such a good job with the research that Blue Sun offered to promote you to the position of "independent contractor." The Alliance contracts certain duties out to Blue Sun, and Blue Sun designates you to get the job done, quickly and quietly. You have a partner, and together, you do your best to ensure that both the Alliance and Blue Sun get what they want, with no pesky witnesses.

Level 9: Operative
Workdays: T W F Sa Su
Hours: 8 am-4 pm
Salary: 3372
Description: You did such a good job working for Blue Sun that the Alliance government contacted you with a proposal: work directly for the Parliament to build a better 'Verse...a 'Verse without sin, so to speak. Officially, you have no name or rank, and Parliament would deny your very existence if you ever make a mistake. On the bright side, you have almost limitless power and authority, and you genuinely believe you're doing the Alliance a great service. What could be more rewarding?

Level 10: Member of Parliament
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 10 am-3 pm
Salary: 4229
Description: Eventually, one of your more heroic exploits for the Alliance became public knowledge. Rather than deny it, the Parliament declared you a public hero and officially restored you to existence, claiming that you belonged to Alliance Special Forces. As a member of Parliament, you live in luxury, deciding how the Alliance will be run and what laws will be passed. Power, privilege, and an obscene salary: life in the 'Verse doesn't get any better than this.

Icon: Serenity (the ship)
Focused Skills: Mechanical, Creativity, Cleaning, Body
Reward: Punching Bag
Levels: Browncoat Enlistee, Dust Devil, Passenger, Chaplain, Doctor, Mechanic, Pilot, Mercenary, First Officer, Captain
Top Salary: 1101
Notes: The lowest-paying career I’ve created yet. Meant to reflect a certain crew of a Firefly-class transport that’s just scraping by.

Level 1: Browncoat Enlistee
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 10 am-6 pm
Salary: 128
Description: The border worlds have declared their independence from the Union of Allied Planets. You believe wholeheartedly that every soul's got a right to be free from Alliance interference, so you've joined up in the hopes of driving the purplebellies back to the Core, where they belong.

Level 2: Dust Devil
Workdays: M T Th F Sa
Hours: 10 pm-5 am
Salary: 182
Description: The lily-livered hwoon-dahn who led the Independents surrendered after being defeated at Serenity Valley, but you weren't willing to give up. Taking the fight to Alliance war criminals and military targets, the Alliance has deemed you a terrorist, but you know better: you're a freedom fighter who won't give up trying to throw off the Alliance's yoke, no matter what.

Level 3: Passenger
Workdays: M W F Sa
Hours: 10 am-4 pm
Salary: 206
Description: Realizing that you had to give up the fight, you developed a hankering to see what else you could do with your life. Booking passage with a freighter on the Eavesdown Docks, you arrange transport out into the black, headed for more distant worlds. You'd better work on developing your skills, though - there's no place for a useless layabout on the Rim.

Level 4: Chaplain
Workdays: M T F Sa Su
Hours: 10 am-4 pm
Salary: 313
Description: You discovered that the crew of your freighter was in desperate need of some spiritual guidance. Given that you've got a Bible and some sense of spirituality, you strike a deal with the ship's captain: in exchange for cooking, helping load cargo, and serving as a spare gun hand when it's needed, you can stay on as "ship's shepherd." But beware: the captain lost his religion when the Browncoats lost the war, and you'd best find some other use for yourself if you hope to stay long.

Level 5: Doctor
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-3 pm
Salary: 547
Description: Life on the edge of civilization can be dangerous: accidents while handling cargo pallets, short-circuiting equipment, and the unfortunate tendency for a smuggler's crew to attract bullets all mean that a doctor is invaluable. Your training earns you a place on the ship and an increase in salary. The only downside: you've also got to treat the stupider members of the crew who aren't particular about getting over-familiar with the local biao-tze.

Level 6: Mechanic
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 9 am-4 pm
Salary: 643
Description: When the ship was grounded and the last mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, you diagnosed the problem and repaired it. That earned you the job as the new ship's mechanic, which made you pleased as punch: you've got a way with machines, and this ship has a special place in your heart. Woe to the person who calls it a piece of gos se in your presence...

Level 7: Pilot
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 10 am-5 pm
Salary: 756
Description: You are a leaf on the wind, and oh, how you soar. With a collection of plastic dinosaurs as co-pilots, you guide your Firefly through the black as no one else can. Avoiding space debris, Reaver territory, ion clouds, and the occasional problem with other ships, you prevent your ship from experiencing sudden turbulence and then exploding.

Level 8: Mercenary
Workdays: M T W Th Su
Hours: 5 pm-12 am
Salary: 842
Description: As the ship's "Public Relations Officer," you're in charge of making sure that your ship's smuggling deals go through without any difficulty. Anyone tries to hurt the crew, you hurt them right back (or first, for that matter.) Fortunately enough, while you're in the air, hired muscle's not all that necessary...but when you're needed, you're invaluable, and when you're not, you'll be in your bunk.

Level 9: First Officer
Workdays: T W Th F Sa
Hours: 10 am-5 pm
Salary: 978
Description: You serve as the captain's trusted right hand, taking command in his absence and providing backup during any and all missions. You also have to keep everyone in line, from the occasionally-troublesome passengers to the not-entirely-trustworthy mercenary who serves as hired muscle.

Level 10: Captain
Workdays: M T W Sa Su
Hours: 10 am-4 pm
Salary: 1101
Description: You found a ship of your own in a salvage yard and bought it with the intentions of fixing it up and making a life for yourself. Assembling your crew, you have a life that you absolutely love: free to go where you please and take what jobs you like, you're as far from Alliance influence as you can get. No matter what happens, as long as you've got your ship and crew, no one can take the sky from you.

Icon: Firefly logo
Focused Skills: Charisma, Body, Creativity
Reward: Camera
Levels: House Servant, Initiate, Apprentice Companion, Outer Worlds Companion, Luxury Liner Companion, Sihnon Companion, Independent Companion, Companion Instructor, Companion Registrar, House Priest/Priestess
Top Salary: 3361
Notes: Most of the levels do not have any specific uniform; I thought you’d prefer to dress your Companions in a variety of exotic outfits. Salary works differently from other careers, with a steeper learning curve earlier on (but look at that level 4 salary!) and more modest salary increases (and skilling requirements) later. This is done due to salary balancing with the other careers – a Companion, even one working the outer planets, should earn more than an ensign on an Alliance ship (or the crew of a Firefly-class transport, for that matter.)

Level 1: House Servant
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-4 pm
Salary: 186
Description: You've always wanted to be a Companion, so you've taken a servant's position with Companion House Madrassa, attending on the Companions. It's a way to get your foot in the door, and to observe those magnificent men and women in their everyday setting, but you'll have to work on your Charisma to have any chance of being noticed.

Level 2: Initiate
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-4 pm
Salary: 279
Description: The House Priestess noticed your desire to become a Companion, and invited you to become an initiate into the House. You begin by learning proper table manners, how to comport yourself gracefully, and a dozen other tiny things that are meant to teach you to think and act like a Companion. Prove yourself worthy, and the House Priestess may decide that you're worthy of being taken as a formal apprentice.

Level 3: Apprentice Companion
Workdays: M Th F Sa Su
Hours: 4 pm-12 am
Salary: 401
Description: The House Priestess deemed you worthy of receiving Companion training and accepted you as an apprentice. Now, the real work begins: learning the arts of fencing, archery, psychology, calligraphy, instrument-playing, conversation...and then, only if you're deemed worthy, you'll be taught the arts of love.

Level 4: Outer Worlds Companion
Workdays: W Th F Sa Su
Hours: 6 pm-2 am
Salary: 1028
Description: Congratulations! You've completed your training at Companion House Madrassa and are now a fully fledged member of the Guild. The House Priestess has asked you to travel to the Rim to help open a new Companion House on Hera, a world far from the civilization of your current homeworld, Sihnon. But beware: the outer worlds are uncivilized, and many men can't tell a Companion from a common whore.

Level 5: Luxury Liner Companion
Workdays: W Th F Sa Su
Hours: 5 pm-1 am
Salary: 1638
Description: Having gained experience and a certain amount of renown as a Companion possessing both wit and grace, a captain who was once your client extends an offer to you: leave the dangerous Outer Worlds and become a fixture aboard his vessel, a luxury cruiser called The Gilded Lily. Your duties will be to interact with the guests, adding the elegance and refinement of a Companion to the ship's atmosphere. Of course, you may choose your own clients for more personal interactions. Refine your skills further, and you may have a future in the Core...

Level 6: Sihnon Companion
Workdays: Th F Sa Su
Hours: 6 pm-12 am
Salary: 2119
Description: Your time on the Gilded Lily exposed you to a wide variety of clients, many of whom requested that you move back to the Core to be more available to them. You return to Sihnon, one of the two jewels of the Alliance, as a renowned Companion. Here, you are treated with all the respect and honor a Companion of your rank deserves, and you're showered with luxuries by your many admirers. What could be better?

Level 7: Independent Companion
Workdays: Th F Sa Su
Hours: 6 pm-12 am
Salary: 2321
Description: Your luxurious lifestyle on Sihnon began to feel like a gilded cage, and you longed for the independence you had earlier in your career. Wanting to see the universe, you arrange a deal with a ship's captain: in exchange for a shuttlecraft of your own, you will provide his vessel with the respectability of having a registered Companion aboard. This isn't your luxury liner existence: he doesn't pay you, and you have no responsibilities aboard his ship. Rather, you have the chance to explore the 'Verse, making your own appointments and keeping your own schedule.

Level 8: Companion Instructor
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 9 am-2 pm
Salary: 2548
Description: After a time, dealing with that ship's captain became infuriating, and you had no choice but to return to Companion House Madrassa. Although you still have the option to take clients, you spend most of your time teaching the new initiates and apprentices about the different facets of Companionship.

Level 9: Companion Registrar
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 9 am-2 pm
Salary: 2706
Description: The House Priestess asked you to take an important position: keeper of the Companions' Registry, a list of all registered Companions in all the Companion Houses in the 'Verse. Your duties include keeping the list up to date, ensuring that all active Companions have completed their yearly physical evaluation, and ensuring that former clients who have received Black Marks from a Companion (indicating they were abusive or disrespectful of a Companion) have not had any dealings with the Guild since they were marked. It's an important position, with many responsibilities. Can you handle them?

Level 10: House Priest/Priestess
Workdays: M T W
Hours: 9 am-1 pm
Salary: 3361
Description: The previous House Priestess indicated her desire to retire in order to spend more time in contemplation and retreat, and she chose you as her successor! You are now House Priest of Companion House Madrassa, in charge of all the Companions within your House. You are responsible for choosing new Companions to train, giving guidance to all current Companions, and maintaining the reputation of your House as one of the best in the 'Verse. It's a position that makes you one of the most respected men in the Alliance. Congratulations!

Additional Credits: SimPE and GIMP. (I made the icons myself this time! The last one is actually Serenity itself.)