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Hunger Games Career Project Part Two: Capitol, District Merchants and Workers

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Uploaded: 13th Jul 2011 at 3:10 PM
This post is part 2 of a set, and contains careers for everybody at the Capitol, as well as districts' workers and merchants. You'll find part one, with tribute and rebel careers, here: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=447589

Salary balanced so that low-paying Capitol careers make as much as high-paying District careers, again highlighting the imbalance of wealth between the Capitol and the districts. Because there are 13 districts and 10 levels, some career levels can be used for multiple districts (notably "factory worker" and "miner.")

You may note that I left Mayor out of the Merchant class; Mayor was almost level 10 of that career, but I changed it at the last minute. This is because Mayor from the basegame Politics career works fine (it’s even salary balanced!) and doing so allowed me to fit in another career that matched more with the rest of the Merchant track. (I also had a minor debate about whether the Capitol's reward should be the cosmetic surgery machine or the cowplant, but the former fits in better with the theme of most of the Capitol's tracks. If you want to play a crazy Capitol scientist and have Uni, go be an Unnatural Crossbreeder in the Natural Science career.)

Hunger Games: Capitol
Icon: Capitol Emblem
Focused Skills: Charisma, Creativity, Cleaning, Mechanical
Reward: Cosmetic Surgery Machine
Levels: Avox, Peacekeeper, Prep Team Member, Stylist, Escort, Gamemaker, Head Gamemaker, Broadcaster, Panem Secret Police, President of Panem
Top Salary: 4066
Notes: Yes, in-game Avox isn’t a “career” that goes anywhere, but I wanted to have the position in-game. (It also makes for some interesting chance card results…) Also, requires 13 friends to get to the top. Hey, if you’re going to make 4066 simoleons per day and rule the last country on a postapocalyptic Earth, you’ve got to have some serious skills.

Level 1: Avox
Workdays: T W Th F Sa
Hours: 8 am-6 pm
Salary: 115
Description: You caught the government's attention in a bad way, and have been sentenced to serve the Capitol as an Avox: a servant, made mute by the Capitol's heartless surgeons. But you're more fortunate than most: you have some allies who might eventually find a way for you to redeem your reputation, restore your voice, and begin to rise in the world.

Level 2: Peacekeeper
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 10 am-5 pm
Salary: 691
Description: With no other prospects and no money, you've volunteered to become a Peacekeeper. This means you've signed on for a twenty-year commitment policing the districts that ring the Capitol. Work on making some friends and improving your skills if you hope to get back to the Capitol before you're ancient.

Level 3: Prep Team Member
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 9 am-3 pm
Salary: 1032
Description: Some string-pulling got you recalled from your Peacekeeping position and back into the Capitol. You have a job as a member of a prep team: under the direction of a stylist, you enhance the appearance of a district's tributes, two unfortunate children who are sent into the arena to fight to the death for the Capitol's amusement - but first, they have to look spectacular for all the pre-arena publicity. Work on your Creativity, and you may get to have a say in designing their look.

Level 4: Stylist
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 10 am-3 pm
Salary: 1198
Description: You're in charge of designing the entire look of a district's tributes: their clothing, hairstyles, and makeup for all of the pre-Hunger Games events. Your job is to make them look as striking as possible: attention-grabbing tributes tend to get more sponsors, which leads to survival in the arena. If one of your tributes survives to become a victor, you'll have fame and fortune beyond measure - at least, until the next Hunger Games rolls around.

Level 5: Escort
Workdays: M T Th F
Hours: 9 am-4 pm
Salary: 1226
Description: As an escort, you travel to your assigned district and select the tributes' names from a lottery ball. After that, your duties are exactly what the title implies: you escort the tributes to and around the Capitol, instructing them on how to act and making sure they get to all the various events on time. If you hope to get a job where you can stay in the Capitol year-round, you'll have to improve your Creativity.

Level 6: Gamemaker
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 11 am-6 pm
Salary: 1522
Description: As a Gamemaker, you work to design an arena for each year's Hunger Games, creating a dangerous environment that the tributes will struggle to survive in. You'll also be responsible for figuring out how to spice up the Games when the combatants are unwilling to fight or when it looks like the outcome of Games is going to be too predictable. Work hard and be creative - no one likes it when the Games are boring.

Level 7: Head Gamemaker
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 12 am-6 pm
Salary: 2018
Description: Last year's outcome displeased the President of Panem himself, so after the previous Head Gamemaker's mysterious disappearance, you were promoted to take his place. As Head Gamemaker, you're the master architect of the Hunger Games, and have the final say in rating all the tributes, designing the arena, and manipulating events so that an unsuitable tribute doesn't win: after all, no one wants to see an insane cannibal, mad half-wit, or rebellious malcontent as victor.

Level 8: Broadcaster
Workdays: Th F Sa Su
Hours: 5 pm-12 am
Salary: 2575
Description: Your last job proved too stressful, so when a friend affiliated with the news nets offered you a chance to move into a position in the media, you happily agreed. As broadcaster, you interview each of the tributes prior to the games, and conduct the victor's interview and recap of the Games afterwards. In between, you provide running commentary on the Hunger Games, recapping the day's events and providing some color and spark to the dull moments.

Level 9: Panem Secret Police
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 4 pm-10 pm
Salary: 3122
Description: You proved so good at conversing with tributes that the President of Panem himself requested you put your talents to a more nefarious purpose: questioning prisoners, mostly political dissidents from the districts looking to overthrow the Capitol. It's a request you couldn't refuse, but it's not exactly a job you're happy to have, and you hope to find some way to escape it.

Level 10: President of Panem
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 9 am-2 pm
Salary: 4063
Description: A political coup d'etat created a power vacuum at the top, and you made sure you were the one to fill the sudden vacancy. Your previous positions in the public eye have made you very popular with the people of the Capitol, and your connections within the former president's regime have eased your transition into the top spot. Just beware: there are always ambitious up-and-comers from within the Capitol, dissidents from the Districts, and the ever-present threat of a vengeful District 13 to make your reign a little uneasy. May the odds be ever in your favor!

District Worker
Icon: Shovel
Focused Skills: Mechanical, Cleaning, Body, Cooking
Reward: Hydroponic Garden
Levels: Farmer, Weaver, Tailor, Factory Worker, Miner, Lumberjack, Fisherman/Fisherwoman, Rancher, Artisan
Top Salary: 1016
Notes: There are thirteen districts and only ten levels, which meant that some of them get lumped together. The top salary for this career is slightly below the lowest Maxis salary, and is below even level 1 of the adult Tribute career (Victor of the Hunger Games.) Long hours are common until level 9.

Level 1: Farmer
Workdays: M W Th F Sa
Hours: 7 am-4 pm
Salary: 241
Description: You do agricultural work, growing grain, fruit, and vegetables for the people of Panem to eat. The Peacekeepers in your district are strict, and your hours are long, but at least you're outside and can listen to mockingjay song. Work on your Mechanical skill if you want to get out of the fields.

Level 2: Weaver
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 9 am-4 pm
Salary: 362
Description: District Eight is the home of textile manufacturing, and you're right in the thick of things. In addition to weaving the cloth, you're also in charge of fulling and dyeing, low-status positions that put you in contact with a lot of chemicals. It's dangerous work, so see if you can't convince one of the government officers that you'd do better in an area that requires you to have more skills.

Level 3: Launderer/Laundress
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-2 pm
Salary: 390
Description: It's not a more skilled job, but it is more pleasant: needing a job with better hours and less danger, you managed to move into a position washing other peoples' clothing. You also do some tailoring work, sewing buttons, hemming pants, patching clothing, and generally trying to extend the life of the garments of your fellow district workers.

Level 4: Miner
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-5 pm
Salary: 468
Description: Many districts mine: District Two is full of stone quarries, District Twelve is known for its coal mines, and District Thirteen mined graphite before their destruction. No matter what you're delving for, it's a dirty and dangerous business: the Capitol doesn't care about safety, and too many men and women lose their lives every year trying to meet the Capitol's quotas. Hopefully, you won't be among them.

Level 5: Factory Worker
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-5 pm
Salary: 569
Description: Districts Three, Five, Six, and Nine are known for their industrialized cities. District Three makes electronics, Six manufactures medicine, Nine generates electricity, and Five makes all those consumer goods that aren't produced by any of the other districts. Even the other districts have factories: canneries in Districts Four and Eleven, processing centers in Two and Twelve, livestock processing plants in Ten, mass-produced jewelry in One...industry is everywhere. It makes the skies smoky, produces ringing in your ears, and can be almost as dangerous as mining, so improve your Body skill and try to make some influential friends who can help you find work elsewhere.

Level 6: Lumberjack
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-4 pm
Salary: 649
Description: Ah, the fresh air and the outdoors. It's good to see trees, even if your job is to chop them down. The primary industry of District Seven, lumber is needed for everything from furniture to writing paper to toilet paper. In some ways, though, this job is even more dangerous than working in a factory: the hours are almost as long, and a hundred-foot-tall oak tree can kill just as fast as any factory machine.

Level 7: Fisherman/Fisherwoman
Workdays: T W Th F Sa
Hours: 5 am-1 pm
Description: The sea air of District Four is refreshing, as is the sight of blue-green waves and the illusion of freedom that being on the open sea can give. As a fisherman, your job is to capture as much of the abundance of ocean life as you can, in order to process it into fresh, smoked, or tinned meals for those in both the Capitol and the other districts. But the sea can be dangerous and unpredictable, and storms, hurricanes, and fifteen-foot seas are all risks you face in this job.

Level 8: Rancher
Workdays: T W Th F Sa
Hours: 10 am-6 pm
Salary: 823
Description: The open plains are a sea of a different sort: a never-ending sea of grass, with a wide blue sky above it. The plains of District Ten are the perfect place to raise livestock, and cows, pigs, chickens, and buffalo all raised to nourish the citizens of Panem. Again, this job has its own dangers: goring by a wild bull, becoming lost in a winter blizzard, or dying in a stampede are all significant possibilities.

Level 9: Artisan
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 9 am-2 pm
Salary: 959
Description: District One offers a job far safer than most: although factories mass-produce many luxury goods, the most expensive items of all are made by hand. Glassblowers, jewelers and goldsmiths, perfumiers, glovers, and couturiers all cater to pampered Capitol citizens, and now you're one of them. The hours are good, the wages better...the only complaint you have is that you'll never own a single one of your beautiful creations.

Level 10: Black Marketeer
Workdays: Th F Sa Su
Hours: 11 pm-4 am
Salary: 1016
Description: You're constantly coming close to running afoul of Capitol authorities. Poaching game outside the district boundaries, setting up trades for forbidden items, and trying to bribe Capitol officials are all a standard part of your trade. It's a dangerous game you play, but you enjoy doing it: after a lifetime of slaving for the Capitol, you're working against them in a way that nets you considerable profit, all at their expense. You'll never topple a government this way, but you will live in relative luxury - at least, as long as the Capitol doesn't catch you.

District Merchant
Icon: Mortar and Pestle
Focused Skills: Cleaning, Body, Cooking, Mechanical
Reward: Candy Factory
Levels: Cobbler, Tanner, Potter, Carpenter, Apothecary, Baker, Butcher, Smith, Stonemason, Luxury Goods Shopkeeper
Top Salary: 1187
Notes: I didn’t include Politics here because the Mayor position in the basegame career track should work (even the salary fits!) The icon ended up being a mortar and pestle to represent the apothecary part of the track, because the stack of coins and the bag of money I initially tried for icons looked like crud. I also didn’t include a “dressmaker” occupation because I figured a luxury goods store or general store would sell cloth imports from District Eight, and the individual families (or someone involved in a cottage industry, like Hazelle) would sew the garments if they weren’t bought pre-made.

Level 1: Cobbler
Workdays: M W Th F Su
Hours: 8 am-4 pm
Salary: 268
Description: Factory-made shoes imported from District Nine are extremely expensive (especially the ones made with polished leather from District Ten.) You sell those, but most of your business comes from the shoes you make from local materials, and from re-making one child's old shoes to fit a younger sibling's feet.

Level 2: Tanner
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 7 am-3 pm
Salary: 304
Description: You deal in skins, making leather from poached animals and locally owned livestock, along with the skins of animals raised in District Ten. It's a dirty, messy process, and your business reeks, especially since removing hair from the skins with urine is much cheaper than using Capitol-made chemicals, but it's far safer than being a worker in your district's industry.

Level 3: Potter
Workdays: M T W Th Sa
Hours: 10 am-5 pm
Salary: 416
Description: People in the Capitol might eat off of porcelain and drink from glasses made in District One, but ordinary people have to make do with your crockery, created with your hands from the mud of your district. Your profession gets you a home in the Merchant part of town, but it doesn't come with a lot of respect, so keep working on skilling to move up.

Level 4: Carpenter
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-4 pm
Salary: 656
Description: You specialize in turning those shipments of lumber from District Seven into fine handmade wooden furniture, wooden spoons, cutting-boards, and toys, among other things. (You also provide wooden grave-markers for the district's cemetery, since no one can afford those fine stone markers from District Two.) Work on your Cooking skill to move up in the world.

Level 5: Apothecary
Workdays: M T W Sa Su
Hours: 2 pm-8 pm
Salary: 781
Description: Most of the medicine made in District Six goes to the Capitol, but you have tiny stocks of some of the most important medicines (in particular, morphling and antibiotics.) Mostly, though, you rely on your own herbal compounds, keeping a garden that never seems to be large enough to heal the ills of everyone in your district. Being a healer makes you well-loved, though, even if you aren't the best-paid merchant in the district.

Level 6: Baker
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 8 am-3 pm
Salary: 836
Description: Your store's sign says "baker," but you really serve as the town's miller, baker, and brewer (your fermented grain yields an ale that packs quite a punch.) You sell everything from warm bread to beautifully frosted cakes. It's too bad you never get to eat any of it except the loaves that don't sell.

Level 7: Butcher
Workdays: M T W Th Su
Hours: 10 am-5 pm
Salary: 858
Description: As butcher, you make a good living selling the carcasses of District Ten's livestock, along with the black market business you do purchasing poached animals from people who hunt illegally, butchering the carcasses in exchange for a fair trade.

Level 8: Smith
Workdays: M T W Th F
Hours: 9 am-3 pm
Salary: 891
Description: Most of your work comes in caring for the beasts of burden used in your district's industry and repairing broken mechanical equipment (you're really more of a combination mechanic and farrier than a blacksmith, despite your title), but between doing what metal work there is in your district, shoeing livestock, and repairing what mechanical equipment you can, you make a very good living.

Level 9: Stonemason
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 9 am-3 pm
Salary: 1022
Description: You create all the sculpture, monuments, and frontispieces used on the Justice Building and in all of the government facilities in your district. For the wealthy members of the merchant class and the political figures who can afford it, you also create headstones for their graves.

Level 10: Luxury Goods Shopkeeper
Workdays: M T W Th
Hours: 9 am-2 pm
Salary: 1187
Description: Your store sells a variety of items from nearly every district: oil lamps, oil, and smoked fish from Four, tallow candles from Ten, wooden combs from District Seven, clothing from Eight, leather jackets and shoes from District Ten, hard cider, fresh fruit, and specialty canned goods from Eleven, and even some perfumes, cosmetics, and jewelry from District One (though District One's goods are out of the price range of almost everyone outside the Capitol.) Everyone in your district envies the beauty of the shop you keep. Short of getting involved in politics, this is as high as anyone in the districts can hope to rise.

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