'Once Upon a Time' castle - NO CC

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2012 at 2:34 PM
Updated: 25th Jun 2015 at 7:34 AM
Hi everyone!
Today I bring you a fairytale castle I made, which will be perfect for you fantasy sims!

NO CC for this castle, but you will need 'more decorative slots for Maxis' furniture' awesme mod by Lord Darcy. In fact, I'm not totally sure you need it, but I strongly suggest you to download it.
I also suggest you this useful fix for Maxis' rugs by HugeLunatic. (not needed, but useful, as I placed some rugs with the 'BoolProp SnapObjectstogrid off' cheat)

On the first floor of the castle, you will find:an entry,3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a library, a banquet room, a living room, the kitchen, and an usable purple living room, in which doors are hidden by mirrors (a little like a 'secret' room)
As this is a fairytale castle, (so an magic, enchanted castle, and whatever you want it to be) on the second floor, you will find...a maze. Yes, a maze. In this maze, there's some statues, benches, and a vampire coffin. And there's lights under the hedges (see picture by night on the collage)
And, on the third floor, you will find: a ballroom, a bedroom, 2 bathrooms and a room like ....mmh...an office?:

I tested the castle, and all works perfectly, including the maze.
some pictures...

I hope you'll like my creation

Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 402,447§

Additional Credits:
special thanks to :

Karen Lorraine, Nixxy245 and Velvenom in the creator feedback forum.

-Mootilda for her useful Sims2PackCleanInstaller.

- the creators of the beautiful hair of the sims showed on the pictures :HystericalParoxysm and Nouk (recolor by Almighty Hat )

- the creators of the skins of these sims :HystericalParoxysm again and Enayla.

- Sherahbimand Welkin at Parsimonious for the clothes showed.