Build Set - DIY Railings

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2012 at 1:46 AM
Maybe my Build Set - DIY is now complete, maybe not, but here are some railings to match the fences!

The set consists of 3 railings made to match my set.

NameCatalog locationPricePolycountChannelsPresetsMatches with fence
Basic Railing 1Build - stairs and railings - railingso594/30231Basic Fence 2
Basic Railing 2Build - stairs and railings - railingso442/23631Basic Fence Horizontal 1
Basic Railing 3Build - stairs and railings - railingso634/33231Basic Fence Horizontal 4

There are two files to download.
armiel_Build set - DIY railings has all the railings. Since the files are so small I put them all into one rar. If you don't want some, simply delete them, or do not extract them.
armiel_Build Set - DIY_textures2 has all the textures for the files and they will not work without them. So make sure you get the textures! (Please see lines right below for the case you don't need to download these!)

All railings are texture linked to my original items, so if you have armiel_Build Set - DIY_textures2 already, you will not need to download it again here (it would just overwrite the files).

Known issue:
Basic railing 1 will not look pretty on frieze height stairs. This is something I can't fix without altering the fence too (since I want them to match), and that I won't do. The other railings work just fine on frieze height stairs.

Additional Credits:
Lee, thanks for testing and opinions