Maxis Match - Base Game One-tile dressers

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2016 at 1:29 AM
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Base Game One-tile dressers

If you're like me and actually like compact houses, you must also be a tiny bit frustrated with the lack of one-tile dressers proposed in game.
I know there are some great CC out there, but I also really like the idea of Maxis Match objects that could be part of a set. So I made all six Base Game dressers as one-tile dressers. It was for my personal use, but why not share?

What I did is a basic cloning of the dressers (same presets as the original) and rescaling of the meshes (same polycount as the original), so they'll fit on one tile only. I rearranged the decoration slots and I've also played a bit with the tiling of the textures, just to make sure they weren't weirdly stretched.

Those dressers can be found in:

By Function: Storage > Dressers
By Room: Bedroom > Dressers

Now, you can preview and have more info on each dresser:

DeForester Dresser 1x1 (Colonial)

Price: 450

High LOD - 634 vertices, 590 faces
Low LOD - 400 vertices, 292 faces

Homestead Dresser 1x1 (Country)

For this dresser, I also edited the texture Overlay to get rid of the flowers, but only for the 2nd preset. Freedom of choice and all that.
Price: 300

High LOD - 1461 vertices, 1184 faces
Low LOD - 537 vertices, 330 faces

The Evrityme Dresser 1x1 (Designer)

Price: 250

High LOD - 1107 vertices, 914 faces
Low LOD - 246 vertices, 148 faces

Smooth Slides Luxury Dresser 1x1 (Luxury)

Price: 370

High LOD - 1060 vertices, 746 faces
Low LOD - 329 vertices, 214 faces

Werkbunnst Stonewood Dresser 1x1 (Mission)

Price: 265

High LOD - 1164 vertices, 814 faces
Low LOD - 474 vertices, 322 faces

Drawers of Dismissal Dresser 1x1 (Modern)

Price: 350

High LOD - 705 vertices, 603 faces
Low LOD - 249 vertices, 181 faces

How do I use this?

You can simply place the package file(s) in : Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages

Additional information

These objects require only the Base Game
These objects were created with patch 1.67

Hope this will be useful to some of you!

Additional Credits:
TSR Worskshop ;
Milkshape 3D