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5 Beauty Marks

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2012 at 11:49 AM
Updated: 9th Jul 2019 at 2:31 AM

Here's 5 Beauty Marks,
requested unofficially by StephSim, and inspired by a few celebrities.

Bring a personal touch to any sim with them.

- Find them under their own pretty swatches in your Blush palette in Bodyshop and Create-a-Sim.
- Multi-wearable.
- For both genders.
- For all ages except toddlers and babies.

They vary in size, shape, place and color (tones of brown). Can get distorted on some faces. Slight transparency: the darker the skin tone, the darker they look.

Celebrity-Inspired, you say?
Eva Mendes(EM), Cindy Crawford(CC), Freddie Ryder(FR), Madonna(M), and Marilyn Monroe(MM). I used the Bodyshop default face to try and place my beauty marks correctly. They might not land exactly where they should on their target celebrity-sim, there can be a slight offset of a millimeter or two. It's due to the differences of proportions between a custom face sculpt and the Bodyshop default face. Thanks for bearing with this.

FR's particularity
FR's beauty mark is not beige, it's shaped like a moon crescent all around the skin tone; the beige part will turn darker on darker skin tones, and the beauty mark will look even darker.

You might notice that the Maxis asterisk * partially hides the beauty marks on my swatches. If it bothers you and you'd like a clear view of all your custom content swatches, there's a Game Mod for that, made by Mortimer 2 on MTS2.

I realize someone made a 'Marilyn' beauty mark before me. Lurania, I did not wish to repeat what you already did, I've been sleeping under a rock, like an idiot I was sure I was the first one making beauty marks for sims, lol. The Upload Wizard made me realize MTS2 has a whole category for this...

Additional Credits:
skintones by Corvidophile
hair by Aligeth(Freddie), Maxis
eyebrows by Maxis, me
eyes by helaene, Barcelonista, bruno
eyeliner by helaene, Sussi, one is by an unknown creator
eyeshadow by Bruno, Kamikitten
lipstick by Bruno, helaene
make up details by Misty Blue
Models and their moles by me

Thanks to HystericalParoxysm for her tutorial on multilayerable make-up.