Military Makeover: Put More Camo in your Fatigues

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2012 at 9:32 PM
Here are some new fatigues for your sims in uniform. I've subdued the colours, made the vests match better, and nixed those black boots. A sim will blend right into their surroundings wearing fatigues like this.
  • 2 Colour Options: Woodland (green) or Desert (khaki)

  • Unisex: Each file works for both men AND women. That's right - both genders in one file.

  • Custom/Default: There is a normal custom clothing version and a default-replacement version which replaces the Maxis fatigues. You can use both at the same time if you like.

These fatigues fit adults, young adults, and elders. Your soldiers can use them as everyday clothing or workout wear - they'll look fabulous running an obstacle course in these babies.

Forgotten what the Maxis fatigues look like? You can see them here and grab an unlocker while you're at it.