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Child's Play Pose Set

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Uploaded: 20th May 2012 at 1:49 PM
Updated: 12th Sep 2012 at 9:57 PM - Fixed some missing inline pictures.
These poses took me quite a while, and while they are not my first poses, I do feel quite shy about giving them to the public, though I am very proud of them. I made them while on my livestream so I could get plenty of feedback- and quite a few people helped me and steered me in the right direction!!! There are 7 poses, but two are linked to one pose, like a triangle type of deal for y'all visual people. =D

You will need the poseplayer available here at MTS, I don't know very much about the poseplayer, so please do not direct your questions about it for me.

Now, before I show you a few of my favorite poses from this set let me say this; it is easier to get them to look correctly if you pose them before hand, very simple. With moveobjects on place both children on top of each other facing the same direction. And then when you get them in pose they'll just snap to where they need to be, no fuss no muss!! No alt key needed!!

The cute, yet awkward, first kiss. You know how it goes, the "all the grown ups are doing it, lets do it too" "I don't know about this Morty..." type of deal.


The cute holding hands pose, with Bella looking shy and cute.

"Bella, you are the woman I want to marry, just say yes now." "Um, I don't think so, Mortimer, my mom says I should keep my options open."

Pose Names / Descriptions
a_SP_cp1 = Child kissing, links with cp2 or cp3
a_SP_cp2 = Child returning kiss to cp1
a_SP_cp3 = Child rejecting kiss to cp1
a_SP_cp4 = Child offering to hold hand, links to cp5
a_SP_cp5 = Child holding hand shyly looking away, covering face slightly, links to cp4
a_SP_cp6 = Child proposing to cp7
a_SP_cp7 = Child being proposed to by cp6, expression is not amused, slightly frowning.

And there we have it!!

Thanks for feedback ;; Nymsy, EroticSim, Everydayimsmusmustlin (sp), Butters, Dolphinesims, Karinasims (sp?), and a few other UNs I can't quite remember right now, sorry, I'm so terrible with names!!! (You can find everyone but Butters on tumblr)
Credits ;; Mortimer and Bella appear as they do in base game SV in a white room.