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Werewolf Maul

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2012 at 6:51 PM
Updated: 22nd Mar 2014 at 5:36 AM - Revisions
On Hiatus
What this means is that as of right now, no changes will be made to it.

This mod has had limited testing my in test hood.

Reported patches: 1.47, 1.48, 1.50, 1.55, 1.57, 1.63
Tested patches: 1.38, 1.42
Required Expansion: Supernatural

This adds two interactions to the Mean pie menu: Maul and Deadly Maul.

Note: Your werewolf has to be in Werewolf form to maul people.

Both will increase your werewolf's hunger motive, though Maul only does halfway while Deadly Maul does it fully. The interactions will be greyed out if your werewolf is too tired (it's a lot of work to Maul someone). Each Maul will decrease the Energy bar by 20, so at full bar about 4 tries before your Werewolf is too tired to Maul anymore.

This mod goes on a percentage change system. Taking into account various skill levels, the chance of a successful Maul is altered. For best results a high hidden Lycanthropy skill and high Athletic skill is suggested. For example, the first time you attempt a maul, you fail but the second time you may succeed.

Here's a list of occults and skills used. (Before some asks "What about (other Occult here)?". I do not have those expansion packs.)

OccultSkills Used
  • Athletic
  • Lycanthropy
  • Athletic
  • Athletic
  • Magic
  • Athletic
  • Fairy Magic

((ActorAvgSkill - TargetAvgSkill)+5)* 10 = Success Rate

  • Werewolf - Lycanthropy 5, Athletic 7 (Average is 6)
  • Vampire - Athletic 7

((6 - 7)+5) * 10 = 40% Chance of Success

Conflicts - None known. It works with my Vampire mods just fine and I've tested it with some Nraas mods as well.

There is a small chance that if a werewolf is Evil or Mean-Spirited they will do this autonomously, including NPCs, or if they're very hungry. If you want to change this, you can edit the ITUN files within the mods using S3PE.

To make it not autonomous, chance the DisallowAutonomous="False" to DisallowAutonomous="True".

Additional Credits:
johna's Any Game Starter
And in general the modding forums with their tutorials.