The Deep Freeze Professional Ice Bar

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2013 at 11:50 AM
Updated: 7th Dec 2013 at 4:42 PM
Are you tired of only having the same two professional bars to choose from when building community lots? I know I am.

I created this ice themed bar specifically with the Seasons Limited Edition Ice Lounge venue in mind. I wanted it manned by actual bar staff but neither of the LN professional bars fit the theme.

This bar DOES NOT require the Ice Lounge set or Seasons but you MUST have Late Night installed.

It costs 1,950 simoleans and can be found under;
Entertainment > Parties
Surfaces > Misc.
Dining Room > Bars

Things to note
This bar is NOT CAStable due to the nature of the original it is based on and the fact that it is meant to be made of ice.
The mixologists generated DO NOT automatically dress in Outerwear. They will dress as per standard EA code depending on what lot type you place the bar on.
Made with patch 1.57. Functions fine on fully patched games and should work on previous patch levels provided LN is installed.

Polygon Counts:
High Detail = 1918
Low Detail = 866

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop,