No Crappy Bunk Beds! *1.67 Compatible*

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Uploaded: 25th Dec 2013 at 4:58 AM
Updated: 5th Sep 2015 at 4:23 AM
Several bunk beds have been added to the game by EA in Generations and several other EPs/SPs, which would be cool, except... all of them, even the expensive ones, are uncomfortable and make you wake up cranky! NOT COOL!

This problem stemmed from the fact that all of the bunk and loft beds in the game use the same tuning file, which was set to treat them all like cheap crappy beds, giving low comfort buffs and the annoying, negative "Bad Night's Sleep" buff, even though some of the beds cost over a thousand simoleans! No longer.

The XML tuning files for bunk beds and loft beds have been adjusted so that they will no longer give Sims the "Bad Night's Sleep" buff. The "Comfy" and "Well Rested" buffs gained from bunk and loft beds have also been increased, and are now +20 instead of just 10. The energy gain rate has been left at the default value of 1, which I felt was satisfactory.

This mod will work with all of the bunk and loft beds added by EP's and SP's, and should work for any from the store as well. It will work for any custom beds that use the default tuning files.

This mod edits two XML files, "BunkBedCheap" and "BunkBedCheapLoft", so it will obviously conflict with any mod that alters those files. This is only likely to occur with mods that equalize the energy gain for all beds; if ever in doubt, check your Mods folder with Delphy's wonderful Sims 3 Dashboard tool.

To install, simply drop the .rar in your mods/packages folder, and unzip. To uninstall simply delete the package. After installing or uninstalling, empty your game cache before firing up the game again. Built on game version 1.63.

Enjoy getting a good night's sleep on your comfy bunk beds.

UPDATE: Compatible with 1.67. No changes necessary.