Functional Pile of Sand

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2014 at 10:35 PM
Updated: 26th Mar 2014 at 2:59 PM
Update, Feb 10th 2014: I got some issues reported, where the mesh appeared spiky. Although I couldn't reproduce the issue, I have uploaded a new file that should not be spiky now. Also texture and tiling are slightly improved. Please note that the new file will overwrite the old one in your mods-folder, but not in your game. If you update, you'll have to re-place all your sandpiles.
(The attchment still says 6th of Febuary, but the 298 KB zip-file is the new one. The old one was 257 KB zipped and 338 KB unzipped)

* * *

This is an ashamingly simple object, but it has proved indespensable in my game. It's a pile of sand that functions as a pegbox and it's super useful for playgrounds, beaches, junkyards, farms, poor families and many more. You can also CAST it into mud, snow, leaves and many more.

You can even place it in an "official" sandbox with "moveObjects on", so toddlers can finally join their older siblings on the playground. It won't keep children from playing in the sand, provided, there is still enough space in the sandbox.

Yes, the toddler is sitting in the sand. I use clipping on purpose with my own sand, and of course it doesn't alter the hight of the EA sand.

The sandpile is found in Buymode under:
Sort by Funktion/Kids/Toys
Sort by Room/Nursery/Toys
Sort by Room/Outside/Outdoor Activities

Price: 10 §
Channels: One

This object is directly inspired by the many similar creations for Sims 2: For example by bienchen, JK11, Echo, MissezSimmer, feeEssen... and probably many more, but there I stopped researching

Polygon Counts:
Sandpile: 116

Additional Credits:
Made with S3OC, S3PE, Texture Tweaker, TSRW, Milkshape, Blender, their plugins, and of course The Sims. Thanks to the respective programmers.
Also, since this is actually the first object I ever made, huge thanks to all the people who wrote Tutorials on ModTheSims and Simlogical (especially orangemittens), and those who posted in the Object Creation forum.