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Under-The-Stairs Storage Set -Part 2

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 31st May 2014 at 6:59 PM
Updated: 10th Jul 2014 at 6:42 PM
I already posted this on my tumblr a little bit ago. Now I'm posting it here, with a few additions.. and here is part of what I had to say on my tumblr:

"First things first: please consider this a great big THANK YOU, because that’s what it is. I didn’t plan on making anything else to go with the Under The Stairs Storage Set. But the notes here, comments @ MTS and the number of downloads knocked me off my chair. I’m not a very social person. I tend to stay in my little corner, post and go back to lurking. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate every note, comment, like, follower, thanks, download- because I do, more than words can say. So can meshes do the talking for me?"

Or- in this case, pictures? The below screenshot is a loveseat and loveseat cubby- shown in one of iCad's recolors that you can find HERE and HERE:

There are also 2 armoires, one is reversed for stairs that go in the opposite direction (like the meshes in Part 1):

2 dressers, again- one is reversed:

And.. a clothing pile dresser and a matching decorative pile of clothes:

Now to repeat myself!

What You Get:
2 armoires - found with the rest of the dressers/armoires in catalog for 50 Simoleons
2 dressers - found with the rest of the dressers/armoires in catalog for 50 Simoleons
2 loveseat cubbies - found in Surfaces>End Tables for 35 Simoleons.
a loveseat - found with the rest of the sofas/loveseats in catalog for 100 Simoleons
a clothing pile dresser -found with the rest of the dressers/armoires in catalog for 20 Simoleons
a decorative clothing pile - found in Deco>Sculptures for 15 Simoleons
recolors of the loveseat cushion and the clothing pile dresser (which also recolor the decorative clothing pile)

What You Need To Know:
The loveseat cubbies, armoires, dressers and loveseat base are slaves. You HAVE to have the master mesh from Part 1 in your game for these meshes to work in your game!
The loveseat cubbies have 3 slots, the armoires have 4- 2 on the little top shelf and 2 on the bottom, the dressers have 5 slots and the loveseat has 2 slots on the bottom.
To place objects in the armoire and dresser slots, place them in the tile(s) in FRONT of the mesh!
The clothing pile dresser and decorative clothing pile are repositoried! The clothing pile dresser is the master and is needed for the decorative pile of clothes to work in your game!
The loveseat cushion is not slaved to anything and I've included some recolors for it.
No cheats are needed to place any of the meshes.
Even though I included a loveseat (which will fit in both of the loveseat cubbies) other loveseats can and do fit in the cubbies.

Although this download doesn't have any EP's needed marked, YOU DO NEED OPEN FOR BUSINESS FOR THE ARMOIRES AND DRESSERS! The rest of the meshes are base game compatible.

And remember: You need the master mesh from HERE for the loveseat, loveseat cubbies, armoires and dressers to work in your game!

And The Last And Most Important Thing You Need To Know:
These are sized to fit under MODULAR STAIRS that are OPEN UNDERNEATH. That said, they will fit under open underneath staircases but the fit will not be perfect.

Help! These meshes won't place under the stairs OR they will place but can't be used!!
There IS an answer for this and here it is: Any modular stair you use must allow objects placed under the first tile (the top step) to be used. (Numenor, Reyn and HugeLunatic all make modular stairs that allow that. There may be more than that, I'm not sure and don't plan to test every cc modular stair available!) This might apply to staircases, too- I'm not sure because I don't use staircases and haven't tested it out.

Polygon Counts:
Loveseat Cubbies (both) - 507
Loveseat - 454
Armoires (both) - 916
Dressers (both) - 396
Clothing Pile Dresser and Deco Clothes - 1145

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, Photoshop CS2, SimPE, Merola and Sunni for the original clothing pile ideas/meshes.

P.S. I included a .psd with the cushion layers if anyone would like to recolor the loveseat cushion. AND, an updated collection file is included in the download!

Kitchen Storage in matching textures.
Closets in matching textures.