Pre-Upgraded TVs and Stereos (NO LONGER UPDATED)

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2015 at 2:21 AM
Updated: 24th Oct 2017 at 4:06 AM
NOTICE 10/23/2017: After a falling out with EA's community management, I have deleted my Origin account and have retired indefinitely from The Sims.

Ever hated how you could buy the fanciest TVs and stereo - or even the reward TV and stereo - and still had to build your Handiness to level 9 to unlock electronic upgrading just to get that Fireplace Channel that Tense Sims clamor to watch? Now, your stressed-out Sims can finally plop themselves down in front of the Fireplace Channel without having to become an electro-mechanical genius that would put Tesla and Ford to shame.

Pretty much everything but the cheapest stereos and TVs will be able to get the extra channels now. It's shorter to list what didn't get the upgrade - the Kaboom Box and Mini Audio Blaster, and the PenguinVision and Been There, Watched That TV. I figured that those are just cheap and cruddy. The gramophone gets the Retro Channel because it's retro while the Mini Audio Blaster is modern.

You will have to delete and replace your stereos and TVs to upgrade them, unless you already went through the work to do so.