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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2015 at 11:47 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2015 at 4:40 PM
This house was made on request by user "Moosim":

Quote: Originally posted by Moosim
I was wondering if you'd done a modern Texas-style mansion before? I know you did a similar style, but I lived in Mckinney Texas for most of my life and a third of the town is beautiful upper-middle class mansions (they're HUGE). I was sort of hoping you would check them out even if you don't make a house. They're crazy. (...) A basement would be nice

With this house I wanted to take some elements that I like from Texas "tract-mansions" and make a proper, stand-alone mansion. The exterior has elements of tudor architecture, while the interior is quite light and colorful (with the exeption being the basement, which is quite dark and traditional).

The house has a large open foyer with a double staircase leading up to the surrounding landing. The landing has it's own balcony facing the curb. At the first floor you will find the kitchen, breakfast area, den, dining room, living room, one bedroom, one bathroom and a double garage. The yard has a playground and a pool.

At the second floor, there are three single bedrooms and one large, master suite with a connected bathroom. There is also one additional bathroom in the hall and a study/hobby room above the garage.

"Moosim" wanted me to make a basement, which made room for a gym, two more bedrooms with a connected bathroom and a home theater (also with a connected bathroom).

All in all, the house has seven bedrooms (four of which are furnished), five bathrooms and one half bathroom.

The house costs 254,348 furnished and 133,884 unfurnished.

Have fun!

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 254,348
Lot Price (unfurnished): 133,884