Lunararc's Moonlight: Tweaked & Remi'd

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2015 at 9:26 PM
So years and years ago, Lunararc made their first TS3 hair mesh, and I was lucky enough to get to see it... and it was awesome, but Lunar was way too much of a perfectionist and trashed it. Turns out, though, they then went on to make more amazing TS3 hairs, including Moonlight! Martini at MyB did a great job of converting the mesh for TS2, all ages and both genders, but there were still a few things about it that bugged me.

So here's my revised version:
  • Fixed a transparency issue on the right-hand explodey bit
  • Shrunk the mesh to reduce gaps at the back of the neck and over the forehead
  • Alpha edited to make the explodey bit a bit less poofy
  • Removed a tendril which was cutting into the shoulder on the toddler mesh
  • Retextured using slightly modified Remi textures

The hair is available for men and women, all ages. All of the natural colours are binned and familied, and elders go grey. The blonde is a bit brighter than Remi's usual blonde, and the light brown is a modified version of Safety Fuse. There are four unnatural colours, based on Pooklet's HMX, Unstable, Combustible and Nitroglycerin; those are available for teens to elders.

The mesh will replace Martini's mesh, so if you already have his version, you should delete his mesh. If you want my mesh in pooklet textures, just download the "Mesh Only" file here, and get Martini's originals without the mesh.

The mesh is also really nicely mapped, so if you want to retexture it yourself, you should totally do it .

Polygon Counts:
Child-Elder: 5850
Toddler: 5690

Additional Credits:
Lunararc for their lovely mesh, Martini for the great conversion, Remi and Pooklet for the textures and CatOfEvilGenius for the fabulous Hair Binner!