Transparency Fix: Mel's 3t2 Braided Bun

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Uploaded: 21st May 2014 at 3:59 AM
Updated: 21st May 2014 at 4:18 AM
I love downloading 3t2 EA hair meshes - they tend to look pretty good, and they're usually nice and low poly, which is lovely. Unfortunately, a lot of them have transparency issues. Some of those issues are just sort of irritating every now and then, and some of them are more serious than that - so I've worked out how to fix the transparency issues, without breaking all existing recolours of the mesh.

The first mesh I've successfully opacified, largely by luck of the draw, is the wonderful Mel / Rented-Space's 3t2 EP9 Braided Bun! See below for the before and afters.

I also tweaked the hairline a bit to fit TS2 scalps better, because I'm picky like that, and once I'd seen a gap I couldn't rest until I'd squished it into oblivion.

If you already have Mel's original mesh, delete it and replace it with this file. If you don't already have the original, you will need to download some recolours, as this file ONLY contains the mesh. You can get Mel's original textures here; the textures in my pics are by selenaq, available here. Any other retextures of Mel's mesh that you may find will also work with this version.

This hair, just like the original, is enabled for all ages, female only. And another note: you need to download recolours separately! From someone else!

More to come soon, hopefully.

Polygon Counts:
Teen to elder: 4158
Child: 4154
Toddler: 4138

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to pinhead, whose info on model names and opacity values helped me work out how to get fixed meshes working with existing retextures. And of course to the lovely Mel for making the hair in the first place, and she bears absolutely no responsibility for the transparency issues since, as I have only just realised, apparently they don't show up in her game for some reason. :D