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The Gothic Quarter Boardhouse (No CC) (Maxis Makeover)

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2015 at 11:00 PM

Since decades past, Sims have flocked to the iconic sight that is the Gothic Quarter! Be it to take in the historical architecture, or browse through the quaint shops and well-maintained gardens, there has always been a feeling of community whilst visiting. Come and discover the cherished heritage that exists within these walls, as each step further takes you back to the better days!

In current form, the Gothic Quarter serves not only as a meeting place, but also as a place of comfort and luxurious lodging! Most recently, historic preservation has been made to outfit the second level with lavish rooms that boast what should be a truly memorable stay! With five rooms to let, the Gothic Quarter Boardhouse is pleased to welcome either families looking for a fun-filled getaway, or even couples who are in search of a romantic and quiet spot to relax and unwind within!

However, you'll still come to find the charm and eloquence that exists on the street level of the Gothic Quarter, where shops, stalls, cafes and restaurants are open for business! You'll find "The McArthur Cafe", which is a quiet spot to settle down in a comfortable setting with a good cup of coffee! Then, stroll furthermore to find yourself in the unique and quirky "Mama's Boutique Splendor". Not only are the finest garments on offer, but also a selection of quality fragrance and jewelry to complete your look.

There's a good chance that the sweet scent of freshly prepared foods, those of high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients, are quite tempting to the senses! Of course, you'll find yourself at none other than "W.C Friendly's", an opulent restaurant that truly rejuvenates the dining experience! Plus, to complete the experience, the gardens and grounds of the Gothic Square have been a favourite spot to relax within!

The boardhouse offers the following to it's discerning guests:
- Five rooms, each outfitted with the finest decor to better suit your comforts
- Two of which rooms offer single beds, whereas the remaining three boast double beds
- Access to in-room amenities, such as updated televisions and restroom fixtures
- Reasonable rates, ranging from 847 to 1,375 per evening

Additional Information:
This lot was created especially for the June 2015 "Maxis Makeover" creator theme! I built this lot from the ground up, all while maintaining the general look and feel of the classic Sims community lot "The Gothic Quarter"! Although the exterior looks similar, many changes were made to suit the theme requirements. This lot has the intention to serve more as an everyday community lot, but also offers lodging! Hopefully you enjoy this creation!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price (furnished): 427,774