Cream of the Crop --no cc-- Maxis Makeover

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2020 at 1:56 PM
Updated: 21st Dec 2020 at 6:02 AM - just fussing over nothing
The mansion on the hill at 210 Wright Way in Pleasantview was an intriguinging house. An elevated landscape, complicated architecture (at least for maxis basegame) and even a gazebo. Unfortunately the roof was hideous, the floorplan was insipid, the pillars were oppressive, and all in all it failed to live up to the fancy-schmancy potential such a large, intricate house provides.

But, with a little polish, a few flowers, a garage, three new sun decks, an added attic, a chimney relocation, a three-story living room, and three hundred-thousand simoleons worth of decorationg, it is now... The Cream of the Crop

I tried to keep some of the essence of the original so the richy-rich space-waster of a foyer is still here, but I gave it a coat closet.
I also added an office, a sauna, a conservatory, and this lovely salon

Five (potentially six) bedrooms - Two master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, two more bedrooms large enough for a double bed (one is currently a nursery), the attic which also has it's own bathroom, and you could make the office a bedroom if you wanted.

Seven bathrooms - one for guests on the mainfloor,and one in the salon, one attached to the sauna on the second floor, one in the attic, two ensuite, and one on the third floor for the other bedrooms to share.

Be aware, this lot began life as a maxis lot in Pleasantview, and as you may know, that place is just full of corruption and junk data. I did my best to clean it using this method by Jawusa an Joandsara77 to clear out sim references. But I can not 100% guarantee it is safe : /

Just a few notes
- No custom content included or required
- The lot edges are flat
- Constrainfloorelevation false was used for a little bit of the roof
- Moveobjects was used and some things aren't snapped to grid, but the furniture works. Except they can't reach the teddy on the blue bed
- The burglar alarm is behind the fridge
- There is a phone on every floor: in the kitchen, the rose master bedroom, the 3rd floor landing, and the attic
- There are fire alarms hidden in the furniture in every room with a fireplace and in the kitchen

A copy of the lot was play tested, but please message me if you run into any problems

Recommended Mods
- Rugs - zMOG!! Off Grid!! by HugeLunatic --You don't need it, but it's awesome, and if you don't have it some of the rugs will look funky until you pick them up and put them on grid
- Water Inaccesible Flowers by dickhurt --If you don't want it you could of course just delete any problem flowers you run across.
- Trim Inaccessible Bushes by Cyjon --Likewise for bushes

(I'm almost sad this essentially beige-themed lot came out looking so pretty it needed a proper name,
because I was originally planning to name it 210 Right Whey)

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price (furnished): 412,011