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Fur-Trimmed Jacket with Bell Sleeves

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Uploaded: 11th Jul 2015 at 2:24 PM
I did originally make this as part of Sansa's wardrobe for my GoT series, but I figured it would work for absolutely any other female sim. It makes a statement and is very slimming, but also promises to be warm and cozy due to the fur trim.

(Although maybe the bell sleeves aren't the best choice for the dead of winter).

Just because this was an extremely simple frankenmesh, there are almost no issues (if any) with clipping or bad morphs. If you spot any, please leave a comment, and I will try to find a way to fix it. There are four presets, each with a unique channel setup, so CASters can CASt to their hearts' content.

All comments, feedback, criticism, and thanks are welcome! Enjoy!

YA/AF, enabled for everyday and formal as well as outerwear, enabled for random.
Two to three recolorable channels (depending on which preset)
All LOD's and morphs except for the pregnant morph are supported.
File size: ~1 MB (1024x1024 textures)

Polygon Counts:
~4000 polys, ~2500 vertices

Additional Credits:
Mesh and texture credits: EA
Tools used: Milkshape 1.8.5, Mesh Toolkit (thanks ever so much to CMarNYC), CTU (thank you to Delphy), PS6, GIMP 2.0