Default replacements for the "Romantic" bathtub and sink from K & B

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Uploaded: 9th Mar 2016 at 8:10 PM
Updated: 26th Jan 2019 at 3:37 AM - Add info about use with HL's CEP-Extra
These are default replacements for the "You Got Feets" bathtub and the "Sink on High" pedestal sink from the Kitchen & Bath stuff pack. They use the white bathtub recolors and the mint, sand, petal, and white sink recolors that Michelle made as part of this set. These recolors don't make large changes to the Maxis objects, but I think they definitely improve on them.

The replacements are in separate rar files, and all resources are compressed with SimPE. Since they replace objects in the Kitchen & Bath stuff pack, Kitchen & Bath Stuff is required for them to work.

The replacement textures for the "You Got Feets" tub give the silver-footed and gold-footed versions matching silver and gold fixtures. This struck me as something Maxis probably should have done from the start, if only because it makes the three Maxis tubs a bit more distinct from one another. You will need to use Ctrl-right click to refresh the thumbnails or allow the game to regenerate ObjectThumbnails.package for this to show in the Buy Mode preview.

Replacing the "Sink on High" is a bit more complex because most of the the changes to the Maxis sinks' appearance were made by editing the TXMT values; they've been edited so they match the "You Got Feets" tub rather than the "Olde Tyme Toilette". Anyway, there are two options for this replacement; a full replacement, which replaces both the Maxis textures and TXMTs, and a package that just replaces the TXMTs. The difference between the two is that using the full replacement gives all the Maxis sinks chrome fixtures, while using the TXMT-only replacement gives them somewhat modified versions of the Maxis fixtures. Click the button to see both effects.

Using these replacements with HugeLunatic's CEP-Extra for the Romantic Plumbing
HugeLunatic has uploaded CEP-Extras for the "You Got Feets" and "Sink on High" that make the metal parts recolorable. Using that CEP-Extra will have some effect on these replacements.

In addition to making the fixtures separately recolorable, the CEP-Extra for the "You Got Feets" tub is a texture replacement for the silver-footed and gold-footed tubs. By default, HL's replacement textures will override mine, but this should only affect the appearance of the clean gold fixtures; HL's textures make them a bit less shiny. If you really want to use these replacement textures with the CEP-Extra, you can place dharden_DEFAULT_YouGotFeetsBathtub.package in \Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA, and edit the filename so that it loads after HL's CEP-Extra, but there's no reason to do that unless you really want to use, or keep, the shinier gold fixtures.

The replacement for the "Sink on High" is primarily a TXMT replacement. HL's CEP-Extra doesn't affect the replacement TXMTs, so it won't affect the appearance of the sinks. However, it does have TXMTs for the metal parts, and those TXMTs use the original Maxis values, so the appearance of the metal parts will change. If you are using the TXMT-only replacement for the "Sink on High", those parts will revert to their original appearance. If you are using the full replacement for the "Sink on High", those parts will become darker and will look flatter and more "Maxis-y". If you want to keep those parts from changing appearance, I've uploaded a set of replacement TXMTs for them. These replacements are in zz_dharden_DEFAULT_SinkOnHigh_BaseTXMTs_ForHL-CEPExtra.package, which needs to be placed in \Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA, so that it will load after the CEP-EXTRA. Also, the full replacement for the "Sink on High" gives all the Maxis sinks the same fixtures, so using the CEP-Extra with the full replacement means that you will have four versions of the same fixture.

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the meshes and original textures
Michelle for making the originals better.