the Curvy Dream Chair

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2017 at 4:53 PM
Finally; a chair to go with the Curvy Desk. Another bentwood eyecatcher from Daedalus Industries to strain your Sims' budgets.

I got the inspiration for this chair from a real chair designed by Tadao Ando, called the Dream Chair.

The wood base and the seat cushions are independently recolorable. There are two sets of recolors included in the package: The first is the base and seat recolors from the Plasticity Nodepod, from which this object was cloned, and the second is the base colors from the Chiclettina Execudrone Desk (that has been the anchor of all my "Curvy" furniture) with an invisible seat recolor. I don't necessarily recommend using the invisible recolor if you are using one of the Nodepod bases, since the shadows for those bases are drawn on the textures themselves and look kinda weird without the seat cushions.

There are two files here, but you only need ONE. They both have the same GUID, so you can only put one of them in your game anyway. Which one you need is more or less a matter of taste, as the only difference is that the file labeled [PETs-later] has pet motives added (dogs chewing it up, cat sleeping on it). The file labeled [pre-PETs] is of course necessary for Basegames or games with only EPs & SPs that were released prior to PETs. It should work exactly the same for any Sims 2 game configuration, for those (like myself) who don't want animals tearing up the furniture.

Some Technical Information:

All textures are EAxis, with minimal alterations in GIMP.
In-game location : Seating>Diningroom
In-game price: 487
Total polygons (faces) - 1315 (kinda high-but the price of having curves)

Tools used:

Blender 2.78c
GIMP 2.8 SimPE Compressorizer

Polygon Counts:
base - 831
seat - 434
posts - 48
shadow - 2

Additional Credits:
jfade - The Compressorizer!

Tashiketh - for hosting the Mod the Sims community

Quaxi and team - SimPE .
Numenor - the CEP, and so much more