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Acropolis Resort

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2018 at 5:31 PM
Updated: 31st Oct 2018 at 2:31 PM - Missed Labeling a CC

Resort Description:
This is the Acropolis Resort, designed after the Greek Acropolis. It is elegant for those looking for a nice relaxing stay, but also fun for the water loving sims. The resort is built inside and beneath the Acropolis pool.

Fine Dining: Enjoy a meal at our fine dining buffet or have a latte in the cafe as swimmers casually swim by and play right outside the window.

Amenities: Also included for your stay is our class A gym, fully equipped with weight machines, treadmills, and a hot tub for you to shape your beach bod.

Sparkling Pool: But of course the crown jewel of this resort is the sparkling pool for all to enjoy whether in the cool morning, hot afternoon, or refreshing evening.

Bars and Snacks: And what is more refreshing after a swim? How about a fine selection of beverages from our outdoor bar and in-pool bar?

Luxury Rooms: So pack up your bags and book a weekend or two with us. All our luxury rooms are fully under water for your soothing needs. Affordable Group Packaging Discount now available!

Ample parking: Do not worry about your vehicles when you stay with us. Free parking for all guests with your reservation in our private underground garage.


Floor Plan:

There are some additional Screenshots not included in the main text thumbnails. Free free to Browse.


EP List: Listed EP are what I have. I don't keep track what I use from which EP. Needless to say you will require IP for resorts. Everything else should be optional, but I used a lot of furniture from ITF and LN.

CC LIST: As stated, virtually no CC b/c I figured it is simpler for people to download and most people will modify it to their liking anyways. So only 2 CCs, 1 is required, 2nd is optional.

Required CC:
"IP Resort Rabbithole Rugs" - By Margaret Pendragon, Available Free at Simsl3gacies. (FILE LINK)
(Every resort requires a resort tower. You will require this resort RH rug set for any resort to work.)

Optional CC:
"Fusion Spiral Stairs and Railings" - By Gosik, Available Free at The Sims Resource. (FILE LINK)
(One of the EP came with spiral stairs, but I just didn't like them and also they do not come with the top railing. However, it is perfectly fine to use one of those.)

(UPDATE) "Repurposed Jar Lights" - EA Store Item. (FILE LINK) My apologies, I missed replacing this with a nonCC. It is just a ceiling light, used above the spa.

Known Issues: A couple of very minor issues.
1) Resort desk and garbage can: They may be misplaced when you install the lot into your world. Simply move them in build mode. Refer to the screenshots to see where I put them.

2) Glass Ceiling into Pool: The glass ceiling from the resort living room looking up into the pool needs to be refreshed whenever you load the game. This cannot be avoided as there just isn't any glass floors strong enough to permanently penetrate the pool floor. It will default to simply a grey glass and you can't see outside it. It doesn't affect gameplay, just for those who want to take screenshots or to enjoy them. To refresh the glass ceiling, simply go into build mode and grab the glass floors, then press "esc" to drop them back.

(Note, this refers to ONLY the glass floors above the television and the computer desk in the resort room b/c this ceiling is below the pool.)

3) Black Ceiling: If you're taking interior screenshots, the pool floor may have black ceilings if you have the levels all the way up. For general play, this is not an issue. This is a shader glitch issue probably resulting from using the mansard roof technique to get more than 5 floors. The only way to resolve this is to not level above this level when taking screenshots of this level. However, that also means the columns outside will not be visible outside the window in your screenshots b/c they belong to the next level. So it is a trade off if you want to see the columns outside in the screenshot, you'll have to settle for black ceilings. So far there is no known permanent fix to this. I will post one when one is available.


Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price (furnished): 649010
Lot Price (unfurnished): 365100

Additional Credits:
All the nice builders and their advices in the creator forum, specifically Volvenom.