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Casa De Guapo - A Cheap Motel For The Fiscally Cautious Sim

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2018 at 7:17 PM
Updated: 9th Nov 2019 at 12:16 AM
Motel Description:
Tired of spending so much $$ on vacation? Kids nagging you for vacation and you finally caved in but don't want to spend too much on these brats? Annoyed by rich sims ruining your vacation with their snobby attitude and spoiled kids? Then book with us at Casa De Guapo! Where our lack of renovation goes directly into savings for you!

Fine dining? Who needs it! Food is all the same going down and coming out, right? We serve just hamburgers, hotdogs, grill cheese, pancakes, etc... foods you grew up loving. No more worrying about food poisoning from fancy foreign exotic foods that eat more out of your wallet than anything.

Kids getting on your nerves? No worries. Ditch them at the pool or with the missus and have yourself a drink at our cantina! Play a little dart while you chug down our affordable cheap drinks!

Gym? Spa? Why pay extra for services you don't need? We offer nothing, not even a TV for your room! But don't sweat it, cool off at our motel pool! Where a relaxing swim in the beautiful blue... err.. mostly blue... umm... in our eco-green pool will help you cope with the heat.

So book a stay with us! Whether traveling and exploring by yourself, with a loved one, or a whole family, we got the right room for you at an incredibly affordable price!

After all!! You're not here to see this, right?

Noooo, you're here to see this!

So why pay more for a bed you only need to spend the night? Your vacation is out there!

(Disclaimer: All rooms are clean and sanitized by minimal standards and the pool has just enough chlorine to be legal. Food served are cleaned out only when absolutely bad. Casa De Guapo is not responsible for any customer discomfort, bed bugs, and/or stomach sickness. All bookings are final, no refunds.)


Floor Plan:

Lot Information:
- Structurally: This is an easy lot to build. There's not much to it. What made it challenging is actually the CAS and texturing. Originally I used the same wear and tear textures on everything. Funny thing is that our mind sees patterns and when all the objects are rusted and old with the same textures, it becomes a "style" and they no longer look broken down etc... So literally, I had to change every object in this lot to mix and match. It means that every room is different despite having the same floor plan for the rooms. In a given room, even every light is different using different rust metals and different torn textures. They are subtle and it fools the mind to think it is more authentic and is really worn out instead of just a worn out style.

Not sure if you can see it with this screenshot, but the chairs and tables are different, sharing around 3-4 different patterns. Now imagine if they all use the same pattern, it would not be as convincing.

- Landscaping: The landscaping is minimal b/c there isn't a lot of room for it. I built this lot a while back and never considered lanscaping. I choose lot size based on structure size to reduce redundancy and also the smaller the lot, the more place you can put it. Before updating it for upload, I had considered moving it to a 40x40 lot, which gives me plenty of room to landscape and make it a little more eye pleasing. However, I debated over it, you can always put a smaller lot on a bigger lot, but not the other way around. So I chose to keep it on a 30x30. This is a relatively tiny lot for a resort, but feel absolutely free to move it to a larger lot to landscape. I would probably add a larger parking lot. Also, I did not use any of the CC from Lucky Palms, despite I actually built this in Lucky Palm. The reason is simply to make it easier to upload by reducing CCs. Lucky Palm comes with more desert plants like cacti and Joshua tree.

Known Issues:
- Just your everyday resort issue when placing a lot, the garbage can and front desk will be out of place. Simply use moveobject on and move it back in place.

EP List:
Listed EPs are the ones I have, so all objects are from there. You'll need IP for resorts and WA for the external wall texture, it is from Egypt.

CC List:
"IP Resort Rabbithole Rugs" - By Margaret Pendragon, Available Free at Simsl3gacies. (LINK) Every resort requires a resort tower. You will require this resort RH rug set for any resort to work.

- "simple shower tub" - by Hugelunatic, Available Free at MTS. (LINK) All the showers on this lot use this.
- "cheap toilet" - by Lisen801, Available Free at MTS. (LINK) All the toilets on this lot use this.
- "auto-breeze ceiling fan" - by Cmomoney, Available Free at MTS. (LINK) Fans used in the Cantina and the dining room. Very awesome fan, it animates and you can turn it on.
- "ATS3 - irish Pub - Hanging bottles" - by Sandy, Available Free at ATS3. (LINK) Hanging bottle deco used above the bar in the Cantina.

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 113018
Lot Price (unfurnished): 37396