TS3 Post Apocalyptic Music Theme

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Uploaded: 31st Jan 2020 at 8:12 AM
Updated: 31st Jan 2020 at 2:49 PM
This is a "Post Apocalyptic" music theme replacement for TS3. It will replace your CAS, BB, Loading/Theme, Map/Map Edit with music mainly from AMC's "The Walking Dead" and Sony Playstation's "The Last of Us" soundtrack.

Mainly for people playing post apocalyptic worlds such as Roseward, Nightmare City, Silent Hill, etc... (Link)

However, the music are all instrumental scores and very soft and relaxing, aimed at a sort of lonely theme with a slight "western" style, especially the guitar scores. Most scores are cello, guitar, violin, with some piano. It is very nice and anyone can enjoy. All the tracks and samples are below, so you can go through them and see if you like them.

That's about it. Pop it into your mods folder and enjoy!

Track List:
The music in this pack are actually from these exact same youtube pages. They were downloaded in WEBM format at 160k. I did remaster each tune a little, increase volume on certain softer areas. The music in this theme is soft, I can't increase the source volume too much without crackling and other distortions. I'm pretty satisfied with them but if you want it louder, turn on your speakers and then change the other sound effects volume in the TS3 control panel lower.

All "The Walking Dead" OST are by Bear McCreary. Some of the TWD songs have sound effects like wind, rain, door slam, one has some mild chanting, etc...

All "The Last of Us" OST are by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Lost OST - Life and Death by Michael Giacchino

All music converted to 155-195k variable bitrate - TS3 standard.

- TLU: All Gone (Alone) (Play)
- TLU: All Gone (Never Again) (Play)
- TWD: Message to Morgan (Play)
- TWD: Rise Up (Play)
- TWD: Shane's Theme 2 (Play)

Map / Edit Town:
- TLU: All Gone (Aftermath) (Play)
- TLU: All Gone (Seasons) (Play)
- TLU: Left Behind (You and Me) (Play)
- TWD: In Memoriam (Play)
- TWD: Reconciliation (Play) (This one is a cover by youtube artist BriansEpicFail)

- TLU: All Gone (No Escape) (Play)
- TLU: Left Behind (Together) (Play)
- TWD: Coda (Play) (This one is a remix by youtube artist Koba)
- TWD: Rick's Despair (Play)
- TWD: Walk Among The Dead (Play)

Build / Buy:
- Lost: Life and Death (Play)
- TLU: Quarantine Zone (Play)
- TLU: All Gone (Goodnight) (Play)
- TLU: The Choice (Play)
- TWD: Broken Family (Play)
- TWD: Heartbreak (Play)
- TWD: Home Sweet Home (Play)
- TWD: The Day Will Come (Play)

Since this is a thematic replacement of all the song lists, it will conflict with other music replacements for CAS, Load/Theme, Build/Buy, and Map/Edit Town.

However if you wish to run multiple themes, I wrote a tutorial on how to write a batch file (using only notepad) to auto random your music collections and run different themes.

Tutorial on How to Write a Batch for Manual and Randomizing Music Themes Selector

Additional Credits:
Fellow modders in the MTS forum for their help and the tutorials

The Youtube uploaders for sharing these songs

The music composers for writing these songs

"Naughty Dog" developers and Sony for "The Last of Us"

Robert Kirkman and AMC for "The Walking Dead

Nigalkins for the TS3 Roseward screenshot

BriansEpicFail for the Reconciliation cover

Koba for the Coda Remix