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Mojave Desert Apartments by Seren (TS2 conv)

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2018 at 10:21 AM
Updated: 21st Sep 2019 at 2:38 PM
Lot Description:
I first downloaded this lot "Arizona™- Project A" by Seren over 10 years ago for Sims 2. I loved it so much that I eventually converted it to TS3. It is a wonderful lot with 3 distinctive townhouses set in the beautiful Arizona desert.

The townhouses are labeled as following:

There are some differences in this TS3 version, not simply item difference due to game engine and game items. My top priority in creating lots is playability and realism, so some rooms are modify if there's something unrealistic or if it is missing functions such as a TV in the living room, etc... The major changes are detailed below in each apartment.

This download comes in two different versions. Download whichever you want.

Mojave Desert Apartments (Combined):
This lot has all 3 townhouses available for the player and is treated just like a regular residential. You can use it any way you want such as playing a huge family, play multiple families on this lot, or download the apartment mod (Link) and convert it to a TS2 style apartment. It can also be used for dorm or resort conversion. It has a combined total of 6 BR and 4BA.

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 241934
Lot Price (unfurnished): 36803

Mojave Desert Apartments (Divided):
This version comes in 3 separate lots, each one with one of the townhouses available for the player while leaving the other 2 as NPC apartments. Now, it should be noted that the NPC apartments are not simply blacked out with "hidden markers," but all their furniture and objects are deleted. Hidden markers just black out rooms from players and sims, but the lot still loads each item in hidden rooms. So by deleting NPC apartments' items, this makes these lots a lot "lighter" to load and play.

Apartment A: 3BR, 2BA
This is a townhouse for a family. It is also the largest of the 3.

Floor Plans:

- Master Bath: Replaced hottub with actual tub and shower. Moved toilet against the wall.
- Master Bedroom: Added a closet and removed a living chair that blocks the bed.
- 2nd Bath: Didn't like the original layout, reposition the shower, sink, and toilet. Used a larger window.
- 3rd Bedroom: Swapped bed and nightstand position, originally blocking the stair.
- Living Room: Moved the fireplace/stove so a TV can be added. Added a desk + computer.

Lot Price (furnished): 116076
Lot Price (infurnished): 21617

Apartment B: 1BR, 1BA
This is a 1 bedroom for young or retired couple. It is a very cozy townhouse.

Floor Plans:

- Living Room: Reoriented the sofa to create a TV nook. Also moved the fireplace/stove. Added a chess table.
- Added a desk and computer.

Lot Price (furnished): 73020
Lot Price (unfurnished): 14237

Apartment C: 2BR, 1BA
Originally this was a 1 BR single's pad with a huge bedroom and a double bed. But I wanted each townhouse to be unique and plays a different function. So I converted this one into 2 small bedrooms and making this unit for a young single sim, either starting out as a young professional or a college student, with an extra bedroom for either another playable sim or a NPC roommate via the roommate service. This is the smallest of the 3 townhouses.

Floor Plans:

- Completely overhaul the bedroom, now 2 singles bedrooms.
- Bathroom: Overhaul the bathroom into a smaller bathroom.
- Kitchen: Added 2 counters and laundry nook.
- Replaced table and chair outside with a picnic table. This makes sims prioritize counter first when looking for seating to eat.

Lot Price (furnished): 49673
Lot Price (unfurnished): 15078

Known Issues:
- Apartment A: This apartment has indoor foundations. You can see this in the screenshot of the two bathrooms and one of the bedrooms. It looks awesome, but the technique to do this makes this house a little different. In either the combined lot or the Apartment A only lot, you must play on "level 2" as it technically has a foundation. In Apartment A only lot, the 1st floor is skipped for your convenience. It is also recommended you play with "full wall up," otherwise it will look wonky.

- Try avoiding replacing ceiling lamps in Apartment A. Due to the internal foundation, placing ceiling lamps can be a bit difficult.

- Trashcans may get displaced when plopping down these lots. Just use "moveobjects on" to move them.

- Updated! Apartment A lighting issue. The split wall due to the foundation inside the apartment, I kind left it as "art." You can see it in the master bedroom wall, dining room wall, and the 3rd bedroom. However, I did put hidden lights in there to make it look a little brighter. However, those lights will not "auto on" b/c they technically belong to the 2nd level, which cannot be reached. So go into "build mode." You'll see the hidden ceiling lights, look for the ones that are "really high up," should be about 3 of them. Simply "shift+ctrl+left click" and turn them on. You'll only need to do this once after placing the lot. You can add more if you like, but make sure they're added on the above tiles, same height as the ones I've placed.

- Updated! Apartment B Front Door: For some reason Apartment B residents like to go through the back door, through the pool area even if you set the front door correctly. Lock the gate to the pool area.

EP List:
All listed EPs are what I have. You will require Nightlife for NPC apartments for the divided version.

CC List: All CCs are optional.
* "clothe racks" by Jen and Tonic, download at MTS. (Link) These are used in the closets.

* "P3 and P4 light" by Dot, download at TSR. (P4 Link) (P3 Link) These are ceiling lights, I use them quite often.

* "backless shower" by hugelunatic, download at MTS. (Link) The shower in the main bathroom in Apartment A.

* "tacitum sink" by Simcredible! Download at TSR. (Link) Incredibly beautiful sink I used in Apartment A and B.

* "versailles windows top 1" by the regal sim. Download at MTS. (Link) Only used once in Apartment A 2nd bathroom. I tried to avoid using it but none of the noCC 2 tile windows are short enough to be placed on the foundation.

* "corner shower" by daz matze. Download at MTS. (Link) Highly recommended shower. It is used in Apartment C. It is a corner shower that allows sims to use.

* "Dandelion collection 2" by Devirose TSR. (Link) It is a set of 3 paintings, very beautiful and elegant. Used in at least 2 of the apartments.

* "Doorsliding Single with glass" - by Lisen, Download at MTS (Link). The door is used for the back door of Apartment B going out to the pool.

Store Items: I tried to avoid using them, they're completely optional.
* "perpectual, pleasant, perfect, purposeful wall ivy" - (Al Fresco Street Market) The technique to make indoor platform in Apartment A leaves some walls looking wonky. I used these ivy to cover up these areas. Unfortunately, you cannot get these ivys separately, it comes only with Al Fresco Street Market. However, it is completely optional and even without it, I chose textures which mixed well with these wonky areas so you can hardly notice.

* "once upon a glowy glowlamp" - (Link) These are the hanging ceiling lamps over the counters in Apartment A and B with the barstools. I chose them b/c they look almost identical to the one used in TS2. However, they're optional and can easily be replaced with any other hanging light, such as one used in Apartment C.

* "aurora lushstyle sconce" - (Link) This one is used in Apartment B's living room next to a Dandelion art. It is the only wall light I have small enough to fit. But again, completely optional.

* "Joshua Tree" (Lucky Palm) I tried to avoid using this b/c it only comes with Lucky Palm. But Lucky Palm is the only one that comes with these desert plants and the Joshua tree is the same as the TS2. However, I suppose you can always replace them with WA's Egypt's palms.

* UPDATE!! "Shh! It's a Library Door" (Link) It's the main bedroom door of Apartment A. My apologies, I missed replacing this one with a nonCC.

Additional Credits:
Seren for originally creating this lot in TS2.