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Asian Fusion Set (TS2 Conversion)

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2018 at 9:25 PM


Have you even wondered why the Asian Fusion Set from The Sims 3 Store seems to be missing some items? This set had been previously released for The Sims 2 Store, but when it was remade for The Sims 3, four objects were absent: a double bed, two paintings and a rug. I decided to track down the TS2 files and convert the objects for The Sims 3. Adapting the bed was pretty complicated, so I understand why the Store team skipped it, but it ended up looking pretty good. I wanted to make these objects fully CAStable, even the rug, which also presented its set of difficulties. I'm pretty satisfied with the result nonetheless.

This set consists of:
- Double Bed with 6 presets
- Painting "Circle of Life" with 9 presets
- Painting "Floating Elegance" with 4 presets
- Rug with 8 presets (4 CAStable)


It has FOUR CAStable areas. 2 for the bed frame and 2 for the bedding. The multiplier was baked from scratch for optimal quality.
All six designs from The Sims 2 are included (with what I considered appropriate beddings).

It has TWO CAStable areas, one for the horizontal area of the frame and one for vertial area. This was done in order to combine two different wood patterns and get the best results.

Depending on the preset you choose, there are different CAStable areas. All of them have the first two slots for the frame, just like the Elegance painting. The third and some of the other presets also allowed for a small area of the painting itself to be changed with CASt. Presents include different designs.

The first four presets are NON-CASTABLE and have the original TS2 texture as an overlay. Presets 5, 6 and 7 are CAStable version of presets 2, 3 and 4. Preset one, the light blue one, was too complex to make CAStable no matter how hard I tried. Preset 8 doesn't have any design and only ONE CAStable area. This allows the rug to be used with any pattern you desire. I know it's going to sound crazy, but I think this is the first 3x3 CAStable rug in the whole game, so I think you'll make good use of preset 8 for many occasions.


BED: Sort by Function -> Comfort -> Beds
PAINTINGS: Sort by Function -> Decor -> Wall Art
RUG: Sort by Function -> Decor -> Rugs

Asian Fusion Bed: §2880
Painting "Floating Elegance": §186
Painting "Circle of Life": §166
Asian Fusion Rug: §880

Polygon Counts:
High LOD: 2596 faces
Medium LOD: 1924 faces

High LOD: 216 faces
Medium LOD: 198 faces

High LOD: 152 faces