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Uploaded: 16th Feb 2019 at 8:24 PM
Updated: 14th Aug 2021 at 1:51 AM
Lot Visit Mod: The way the game determines who to bring as a walk-by or visitor to a lot is very simple and lacks detail. For example, a sim who lives in a suburb is equally likely to appear in the main neighbourhood as someone who actually lives in the main neighbourhood. Even worse, young adults are prevented from appearing in non-university lots, but as if that's not enough, the game does not check to see which university the young adult sim is living/studying at, which means the sim is equally likely to appear as a walk-by/visitor in all university neighbourhoods. I hate all this stuff. This mod fixes all this stupidity by adding many more checks to the game. Here is how it works:
- If the picked sim is a young adult, and if the current lot is non-university, the sim needs to pass a 10% check to be able to appear. If the young adult is a housed playable or a dormie who has an assigned door and if the current lot is not in the university neighbourhood in which the sim lives, then the sim needs to pass an additional 10% chance. In other words, you will rarely see young adults in non-university neighbourhoods, and housed young adults will also rarely appear in other neighbourhoods other than the university neighbourhood they are currently living in.
- If the picked sim lives in a neighbourhood other than where the current lot is in, then the sim only has a 10% chance to appear. Townies normally cannot be housed in the Sims 2. However, the mod does check to see if the sim is a Townie, and if so, the game checks to see if the sim is currently housed in an apartment, and if so, those sims are also considered housed, and will rarely appear in neighbourhoods other than where their apartment is in.
- If the current lot is in Downtown, then everyone can appear normally in such lots. Young adults still need to pass their checks, though. Downtown is supposed to be a crowded area, and anybody should be able to appear there. Note that vacation locals and tourists will obviously not appear in non-Vacation lots, and Vacation Locals can only appear in their respective Vacation neighbourhoods.
So, let's say that you want to establish a business. If you establish in Downtown, then your potential customer base will be more crowded, as the majority of the sims in your game should be able to visit your business regularly. But, if you establish your business in a suburb, the majority of your customers will be sims living in that suburb. Don't forget that Townies who aren't living in an apartment can appear anywhere.
- Before this update, Townies housed in an apartment had to pass a 10% check to appear in Downtown. Now, they don't need to pass any checks.
- Before this update, housed young adults had to pass two 10% chances in a row to be able to appear in non-University lots, which is how I designed it. I don't like this. Here is how it works now: young adults will never appear on non-University residential lots as walk-bys. All young adults need to pass a single 10% check to appear in non-University community lots. All young adults need to pass a single 20% check to be able to appear on Downtown community lots. Housed young adults need to pass a single 10% check to appear in universities other than the one they are housed in.
UPDATE 2: This update fixes issues with the way the game generates furious walk-bys, as the code didn't even check for whether the sim is eligible to visit the current lot. You should not see vacation locals stealing your newspaper now. I have also released an add-on that fixes furious witch walk-bys. Scroll down below to read the description for that add-on.
UPDATE 3: This update fixes issues with the way the game determines which sim to bring to a secret hobby lot. In an unmodded game, the game can bring sims who are part of the currently controlled sim's family, which should never be allowed. It can also bring sims who are currently in the Family Bin. The game can't bring such sims to secret hobby lots any more.
UPDATE 4: I have added a few additional checks to prevent the game from attempting to bring a sim who is already on the lot.
Non-Family Array - Fill with Eligible Sims/0x7F028F29/0x0000101A
Get in T[0] - Eligible Visitor out of array/0x7F028F29/0x0000101E
Get In [T0] - Eligible Pet Out Of Array/0x7F028F29/0x0000106F
College Townie Check/0x7F028F29/0x0000102F
Sub - Can Person Visit?/0x7F17187C/0x00001006
Main - Process - Furious/0x7F17187C/0x00001053
Instance X People/0x7F9ECC6A/0x00001007

LotVisitMod-AddOn-WitchFix: Furious sims are supposed to appear from one of the walking portals on the lot, but witches are allowed to fly in which conflicts with furious walk-by code and makes the witch immediately leave the lot. This add-on fixes that. The only reason I am releasing this as an add-on rather than incorporating it into the main Lot Visit Mod, is because UPDATE 4 and higher of my Outfit Sense mod already includes this fix. So, if you have that mod, then you should not get this add-on.

Visitor Arrivals Mod: When the game determines who to bring as a visitor to a community lot or open home business, the game cannot bring members of a household at the same time. This is why it is very rare to see a family appear on a community lot. There is actually code in the game for this feature, but it is unused and unfinished. This mod finishes and enables this feature. Up to four members of a household can appear at the same time. How many will actually appear at the same time depends on how many sims there are on the lot, maximum number of visitors allowed by the game based on computer specifications and all that.
PedestrianOnlyVersion: This version simply enables the family member feature mentioned above, so that the game can bring members of a household together via a pedestrian portal.
TaxiVersion: While I was working on this mod, I also came across an unused feature that would allow visitors to arrive on a community lot or open home business by taxi. This version includes the family member feature, but in addition to that, also allows visitors to arrive by taxi to community lots and home businesses. Visitors won't arrive by taxi on vacation lots, and are more likely to arrive by taxi on Downtown lots. If the sim decides to arrive by taxi, they may bring up to two additional sims together with them, so up to three sims may arrive by taxi on a lot. If you will be using this version, then you have to get my Car Drive Leave Fix, which fixes an issue with taxis becoming unable to leave if there is another car blocking their way.
UPDATE 1: I have added a few additional checks to prevent the game from bringing a sim who is already on the lot
Bring Sim - By Taxi/0x7F028F29/0x00001010
Business Lot - Process/0x7F028F29/0x0000105C
Community Lot - Process/0x7F028F29/0x00001005
Downtown Lot - Process/0x7F028F29/0x00001042
Get in T[0] - Eligible of Family out of array/0x7F028F29/0x0000101F
Max Person Counts/0x7F028F29/0x00001001
Population Manage - Bring Sim(s)/0x7F028F29/0x0000100E
Lot Transport - Generate Sims/0x7F9BA18A/0x00001013
Function - Main/0x7F9BA18A/0x00001000

Visitor No Pet Restrictions: The unmodded game can only bring pets to a community lot or open home business if there are already pets on the lot. This mod removes this restriction and now stray and runaway pets can appear whenever they want, and visitor sims may decide to bring their family member pets along with them whenever they want.
Resources: Tuning - Pets/0x7F028F29/0x00001015

Visitor No Age Restrictions: The unmodded game can only bring children and teens to a community lot or open home business if there is already a child or teen on the lot. This mod removes this restriction and allows the game to bring children and teens as long as the hour is suitable. Children can only arrive before 19:00, and teens can only arrive before 21:00.
UPDATE 1: I came across a Maxis oversight with curfews. What Maxis wanted to do was to prevent teens and children from appearing on community lots if it was after their curfew. Teens should be prevented from appearing from 21:00 to 06:00, and children from 19:00 to 06:00. However, Maxis' code fails to check the hours after midnight (00:00), which makes it so that teens and children can appear after midnight, but then the game's "leave visitor" code properly finds that these teens and children shouldn't be on the lot, and makes them immediately leave after they arrive. I'd seen this behaviour many times while playing, but earlier I couldn't find the reason. Now, I've identified the issue and this update fixes this mistake.
Visitor Age Check/0x7F028F29/0x00001031
Instance Age Check/0x7F9ECC6A/0x0000101E

Visitor Leave Mod: This mod adds additional checks and features to how the game determines when to push sims to leave a lot.
- Visitors who are not overly neat will not be pushed to leave the lot for having low hygiene any more. This mod also prevents extremely sloppy sims from complaining about the environment score.
- When the game checks to see if there are any awake sims on a liveable lot to determine whether visitors should stay or leave, the game will consider out-of-world or hidden sims whose current interaction is a bed or Apartment Life closet as in-world and unhidden, because when sims woohoo/try for baby in a bed or make out/woohoo/try for baby in a closet, the game either hides them or puts them out of world, which then causes other sims to leave the lot.
UPDATE 1: Sims now have a chance to leave the lot if their hygiene motive is low enough depending on their Neat personality.
Function - Main - Process Visitors/0x7F01EC29/0x00002080
Motive Check - Environment/0x7F01EC29/0x000021B9
TEST - Any Residents Awake?/0x7F01EC29/0x00002077
Visitor - Motive Check - Check Queue?/0x7F01EC29/0x000021F0

Visitor Child Collection Fix: This mod prevents visitors from trying to collect visiting children, if the sim or the child are off-lot, or if the sim or child are dead, and so on.
Kid Collection - Am I Picking Up?/0x7F92C86E/0x0000102E
Kid Collection - Try Schedule a Parent/0x7F92C86E/0x0000102D
Visitor - Collect a Kid if necessary/0x7F01EC29/0x00002084

Visitor More Population Mod: In an unmodded game, the maximum number of visitors a lot can support is determined by a number of different factors. On OFB lots, it depends on business rank. On regular community lots, it depends on the number of objects that have a community sort, and so on. There is also a maximum value set by the current hour. In addition to all that, there is also a final maximum value for downtown lots. The values are relatively low. I dislike this, because if you have a good enough computer, the game can handle many more sims. The worst thing about these maximum visitor numbers is that Maxis made it so that a level 10 OFB business can only have 10 customers at any time. This is one of the main reasons why it is so difficult to make money in OFB, especially if you have employees. The game allows you to hire up to 8 employees, but most of the time they are useless, because you don't need that many employees to cater to a maximum of 10 sims. This mod doubles Maxis' maximum visitor numbers, allowing many more sims to appear at any given time. In order to properly use this mod, you should make sure that you have a userStartup.cheat file in your config folder in Documents with the following line added "intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims X" where X is a number which should be 30 or higher. In my game, the line reads "intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 30". In addition, this mod requires my Visitor Secret Society Fix which you can download from this page.
Avg. Lot Populations (of Townies)/0x7F028F29/0x00001003
Customers Per Shop Rank Tuning/0x7F028F29/0x0000100E
EP6 - Campground - Avg Lot Populations/0x7F028F29/0x00001019
EP6 - Vacation CL - Avg. Lot Populations/0x7F028F29/0x00001018
Tuning - Downtown/0x7F028F29/0x00001000

Visitor Secret Society Fix: Maxis made it so that the number of Secret Society members the game expects to have in the game is based on the number of maximum visitors as set by the game. If you have a line such as "intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 30" in your userStartup.cheat file, the game populates the Secret Society lot with 30 members, and if it can't find that many sims, it creates new members to reach 30. This mod sets the number of maximum Secret Society members at any given time to 16. So, if the number of Secret Society members is already higher than the maximum visitor number as set by the game, then the game won't add new members. However, if the number happens to be lower than the maximum visitor number, but higher than 16, then the game caps the number of Secret Society members at 16, fixing this issue.
Enough Visitors on Lot?/0x7F175BF9/0x00001032
Sub - Populate Lot/0x7F175BF9/0x0000101D

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Apartment Life and M&G.