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Will Lloyd Wright Dollhouse default replacement (adult enabled + remapped mesh)

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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2019 at 2:25 PM
Updated: 26th Dec 2021 at 11:44 PM
I've been using dharden's default replacement of Michelle's remapped mesh of SnowStorm's recolorable dollhouse (woah, what a sentence). I've also been using rebecah's adult enabled dollhouse which is a clone of EA's one, and therefore adds another dollhouse to the game instead of editing the original one. I wanted to apply her changes to the original dollhouse and at the same time use dharden's default, so with the kind help of HugeLunatic I did it. I edited the texture and then asked Michelle if I could include her remapped mesh in my replacement, and she kindly let me.

So short said, my default replacement includes:
- My retexture
- Michelle's remapped mesh (using dharden's replacement)
- SnowStorm's recolorable dollhouse My bad! SnowStorm's dollhouse is not included in my download, you'll want gdayars' CEP-extra to make the dollhouse recolorable. And if the recolors don't show up, follow this short tutorial by HL.
- rebecah's adult-enabled-edits

Since this is a default replacement, you can only have one in your download folder, if you have any other replacements for the dollhouse you need to take them out before using this. The dolls used when playing are not affected by this replacement, but I recommend these by decat2 (and lightned up by keoni-chan) Edit: I shared my take on a doll default here! :-D

Additional Credits:
Thanks to SimPE, Michelle for the remapped mesh, dharden for the replacement, SnowStorm for the recolorable dollhouse gdayar for the CEP-extra, rebecah for the adult-enabled-edits and to HugeLunatic for the help. the file has been compressed!

linacheries for the wall and roof, shastakiss for the pirate woods,
Alice Vacca, evdakovka, pngkey, kmicican, freevector and wonderwall for the patterns I used.