A Bunch of Roses

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2020 at 1:03 PM
Since I got into seasonal plants, I rarely use Maxis shrubs any more, which is a pity- I really liked some of them. But, I can't stand to see roses in full bloom when the icy winter winds are blowing around a lot.

So, this is my remake of The Literal Rose for us Seasons fans. It comes in two forms - shrub and standard - and has seven colour options. I have also swapped the flower mesh for the higher poly mesh from the Smooth Talk social accessory rose, so be warned that the overall poly count is higher. Details are given below.

As these roses were originally cloned from a tree, they have separate states (both trimmed and untrimmed) for each season as well as snowy states. However, they use the shrub semiglobals, so any mods you have that affect the semiglobals should work on these as well. They need to be trimmed and can be "used". They also smell good, at least in Summer and Autumn, when there are full-blown roses on the bush. A gardener should take care of these rosebushes along with the standard shrubs in your garden.

In the spring, these roses have bright, new green foliage and rosebuds. In summer, the buds open and new ones form. In autumn, the leaves have turned brown and just a few late roses hang on. In winter, the roses are bare.

I have included all the original Maxis recolours with two extra - Tequila Sunrise and Blush.

Another advantage of cloning a tree is that these roses have their own Neighbourhood View scenegraph instead of the generic green blob shared by the Maxis shrubs. In the image below, the blobs against the house walls are the Maxis rosebush.

The rosebushes are found in Garden Center/Shrubs and cost $100, the same as the original rosebush.

Detailed poly counts are under the spoiler.

Polygon Counts:
Detailed in main text under the spoiler.

Additional Credits:
Maxis, Simpe, Paint.Net, Blender, UVMapper.