Fishing Spot With Custom Fish

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Uploaded: 7th Apr 2019 at 12:11 PM
Updated: 7th Apr 2019 at 2:59 PM
Here is a new fishing spot for your Sims. It is cloned from the Invisible Fishing Spot by Netmicro, available here at MTS though I actually cloned the autonomy tweaked version shared by Icad on her tumblr here The fishing spots can be placed on beach lots to enable sea fishing, or on flooded lots to enable fishing from the neighbourhood water. In fact they can be used anywhere, so if you want your Sim to catch fish in their living room carpet, go ahead.

Netmicro's fishing spot catches the in-game fish, namely Catfish, Largemouth Bass and Trout. My version catches seven new fish, which are Eel, Herring, Mackerel, Plaice, Seabass, Crab and Lobster. My fish are cloned from crops rather than from the in-game fish, so they stock the fridge for food units rather than causing custom fish meals to show up. Changing the fridge menus would take programming skills I don't possess, sorry. My fish also can't be hung on the walls.

However, I have enabled an eat interaction for pets, if you leave a fish on the ground for them. It is autonomous, but I only saw it autonomously performed once during testing (darn cats!) so probably isn't very attractive. This pic shows a cat eating a Seabass. My fish don't have routing slots, so the pet sits in the next square to eat it.

In case you want to stock a fishmongers shop but don't want to have your Sims go to the trouble of actually catching the fish, I have made them buyable from the catalogue, under Appliances/Misc or Kitchen for a range of prices from $30 (Eel) to $120 (Lobster). The second zip file uploaded contains the buyable fish alone, without all the accessory fish needed for use with the fishing spot. The first zip file contains everything needed for the fishing spot, including the buyable fish, so you only need to download one file. The fish do need to be restocked from inventory however, so if you are buying them in to run an owned business, buy them using the wholesale tool and put them in the business owners inventory before restocking the shelves.


There are a couple of minor issues with the fishing spots, which apply equally to Netmicro's fishing spot. Sometimes, Sims joining the first Sim at the fishing spot face in the wrong direction. Also, the bait splash fx happens between the Sim's feet rather than out in front .
Please note also, that you will need the Moveobjects On cheat to place them close to the water's edge on the beach, as shown in my main pic.

My fishing spot takes the form of a pebble, which should be placed facing the direction you want the Sim to fish in. The Sim will stand behind the pebble to fish.

The pebble is available in the catalogue under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous for both residential and community lots and costs $0.

Texture Attributions

For the crab I have used the mesh and texture extracted from the Bon Voyage crab by TheNinthWave here

The other texture attributions are under the spoiler.

Polygon Counts:
Crab 1006 vertices (per Simpe, half that according to Blender!)
Eel 228 vertices
Herring 272 vertices
Lobster 373 vertices
Mackerel 271 vertices
Plaice 261 vertices
Seabass 261 vertices

Pebble (fishing spot) 92 vertices

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Netmicro for creating the original fishing spot. Also to Icad for reviving it and TheNinthWave for extracting the crab mesh and textures.
Thanks to the makers of Simpe, Blender, and the other cool tools we get to use for free.
Thanks to the makers of Milkshape for their free trial.