QuickWrite by MIKYA - Write Songs and Books Faster

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Uploaded 30th Apr 2020 at 8:59 PM · Updated 4th Aug 2022 at 11:53 PM by MIKYA

UPDATE 8/4/2022: nothing quite new with this update, just trying to keep things clean. as always let me know if you have any issues

The amount of time Sims take to finish writing books and songs is annoying. Not only that, but the payout for all of that time spent making something was so poor! A lot of Sims have busy lives and can't spend so much of their limited lifespans trying to write books and songs!

This mod ensures that that is no longer an issue. A freelancer writer Sim will thrive in that they can write multiple books in a day, and any Sim that decides to take on writing or songwriting as a hobby can make more in royalties by having more to sell. Not only these, but your Sim will have more time to do other things that need to be done -- like sleeping!

The time Sims take to complete things like songs and books operates on a skill curve and is influenced by other things like the Fast Internet lot trait, so there's no guarantee on exactly how long your particular Sim will take to finish their creations. However, no matter the skill curve, QuickWrite makes the process speedier.

I have separated the downloads into different .rar files, so you'll be able to choose whichever you want to implement in your game. For the QuickSongs portion, I highly recommend installation your MIKYA_quicksongs base file, as this will help the expansion pack files work if you want to implement those. The DJ Booth requires the Get Together expansion and the Pipe Organ requires the Vampires pack. Each zip contains all files for that speed, so you can add the ones you like or have.

This mod works without Get Together and Vampires!

Fast, Faster, Fastest

FAST: The original versions of this mod, MIKYA_quickbooks and MIKYA_quicksongs variants, cut the writing speed from the original game by more than 1/2 for books and more than 3/4 for songs, yielding similar results time-wise for both.
FASTER: The Supersim versions of each download cut the crafting speed from the original mod by 50%.
FASTEST: The Sonic Sim versions of each download cut the crafting speed from the original mod by 75%.

This mod may conflict with any mods that use the following resources:

QuickSongs BASE:
  • E882D22F!00000000!00000000000034A5.guitar_WriteSong_Staging.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000000!00000000000035F6.piano_WriteSong_Staging.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000000!00000000000038BD.violin_WriteSong_Staging.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000018!0000000000024B3F.portableKeyboard_WriteSong_Staging.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000000!0000000000003926.writeSong_Resume.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000018!0000000000024B3E.portableKeyboard_WriteLyrics_Staging.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000220E8.microphone_WriteLyrics_Staging.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000221E5.guitar_WriteLyrics_Staging.InteractionTuning
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000221F2.piano_WriteLyrics_Staging.InteractionTuning

QuickSongs DJ (Get Together required):
  • E882D22F!00000009!000000000001EB9F.DJBooth_WriteSong_Staging.InteractionTuning

QuickSongs Pipe Organ (Vampires required):
  • E882D22F!00000011!0000000000024F0D.PipeOrgan_WriteSong_Staging.InteractionTuning

  • E882D22F!00000000!00000000000033C0.computer_WriteBook_Staging.InteractionTuning

This mod was built for game patch


Additional Credits:
Thank you to the creators of Sims 4 Studio and GIMP!

The custom content included belongs to:
Mesh shirt: Devilicious
Combat trousers: Helsoseira
Horns accessory: Zauma
Hair: viviandang
Combat boots: mj95
Back tattoo: -Merci-
Hand tattoos: pralinesims