*UPDATE V3* The Luxurious Sinking Device (functional modular sofa!)

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2020 at 2:15 PM
Updated: 9th Aug 2020 at 11:59 PM
Watch a short HD showcase video

28/07/2020 UPDATE: Updated so sims can knit on the sofa! Please redownload

23/07/2020 UPDATE: Small update to fix some minor visual bugs around the corners of the different sofa pieces. It looks much smoother and rounder now, so I would highly suggest to redownload!

Hey all!

Today I bring you the "Luxury Sinking Device" (it's the best name I could come up with i'm sorry )

This is a fully functional modular sofa, that can be assembled just like kitchen counters!
Make sure to turn off auto-counters to get access to all the pieces

  • Comes in 12 recolors!
  • I've also included a premade loveseat to unlock additional interactions (such as napping, cuddling etc.)
  • The original mesh pieces that I heavily edited were created by Wirapuru for TS2!
  • There is no convex piece as the original creator didn't make one, and I'm not that experienced to make one myself (yet). Instead I added a custom concave piece without the pillows!
  • The original tuning file was made by the talented Menaceman44!

The Sofa can be found under Comfort -> Miscellaneous for 200$
The Loveseat can be found under Comfort -> Miscellaneous for 400$
You can also find it by searching: simsi45 or modular sofa

* If you direct a Sim to sit in the concave seating section by clicking on the back of the seat, the Sim may attempt to sit in a slot that doesn't exist and will clip through the seat. I've never had a Sim choose to sit in the wrong slot on their own though.
*Sims are unable to sit in the concave corner piece if a Sim is already occupying a seat connected to the front of the concave piece object footprint.
*Pets are unable to sit on the seats and should not be able to scratch or travel under them. They are still able to "Investigate".

So that's pretty much it!!
I'm quite happy with the result, if you happen to come across any issues feel free to let me know!

Polygon Counts:
[1]LOD0 - 805
[2]LOD0 - 795
[3]LOD0 - 795
[4]LOD0 - 1025
[5]LOD0 - 1407
[6]LOD0 - 991
[7]LOD0 - 991


Additional Credits:
Menacemen44 (for the original tuning file)
Wirapuru (for the original mesh pieces)