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Pillow Galore Collection

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2020 at 8:14 PM
Hi all

Here is a little collection that kept me busy these past 2 days. I always wanted some decorative pillows in my game, however I haven't managed to find any that were maxis-match enough, so I finally took the decision to make this collection.

What I did is, that I separated MOST of the pillows that can be found within the game, more specifically on the in-game couches. Most of the pillows are standalone however there are some that are packed together. That is because the texture of some pillows looked odd on it's own so I couldn't separate them into their own item.


1) In order to use the pillows you need to turn the "bb.moveobjects" cheat ON. Then you can press CTRL+9 to raise, or CTRL+0 to lower the pillows to your desired height. I also made them slottable to shelves, so if you can't get the desired height with the CTRL method, you can adjust the height with a shelf, put the pillows on it and then move them around.

2) The pillows use a rug footprint, which means they can be placed anywhere and sims can walk through them. This is made on purpose so the pillows won't get in the way when sims want to sit on a couch with pillows on it.

3) You can find all the pillows by searching for "simsi45" or "pillow"

4) Some catalog thumbnails might look a bit pixelated for some pillows. I have no idea why this is happening, if any of you have any insight on this please let me know!

What's Included?!
With this collection you get 42 pillows to decorate your house with:

That is all! Let me know if you happen to encounter any possible issues. Have fun!!!

Polygon Counts:
1.Boho Pillow Set #1- 450/238/238
2.Boho Pillow Set #2 -336/366/366
3.Carefree Pillows - 438/185/185
4.Conversational Pillow #1- 82/82/82
5.Conversational Pillow #2 - 98/98/98
6.Conversational Pillow #3 - 74/74/74
7.Conversational Set of Pillows - 276/193/193
8.Islander's Pillows - 234/145/145
9.Long Day Pillow (left) - 154/154/154
10.Long Day Pillow (right) - 154/154/154
11.Lovely Knitted Pillow (left) - 200/157/157
12.Lovely Knitted Pillow (right) - 200/157/157
13.Mahogany Loveseat Pillow #1 - 362/213/213
14.Mahogany Loveseat Pillow #2 - 164/135/135
15.Mahogany Loveseat Pillow #3 - 164/86/86
16.Mauman's Pillow - 118/118/118
17.Mauman's Set of Pillows #1- 234/161/161
18.Mauman's Set of Pillows #2- 234/161/161
19.Moarpillaz Pillow - 164 - 91/91/91
20.Perfect Balance Pillow #1 - 118/78/78
21.Perfect Balance Pillow #2 - 114/62/62
22.Puppy Loveseat Pillows - 300/172/172
23.Queen Bay Pillow #1- 128/83/83
24.Queen Bay Pillow #2 - 128/79/79
25.Queen Bay Pillow #3 - 128/79/79
26.Queen Bay Pillow #4 - 114/71/71
27.Queen Bay Set of Pillows #1- 256/151/151
28.Queen Bay Set of Pillows #2- 242/130/130
29.Queen Bay Set of Pillows #3- 494/236/236
30.Queen Bay Set of Pillows #4- 480/216/216
31.Reclaimed Wood Bay Pillow #1- 164/97/97
32.Reclaimed Wood Bay Pillow #2- 164/97/97
33.Reclaimed Wood Bay Pillow #3- 113/113/113
34.Reclaimed Wood Bay Pillow #4- 202/164/164
35.Reclaimed Wood Love Seat Pillow - 164/88/88
36.Reclaimed Wood Sofa Pillow #1 - 164/103/103
37.Reclaimed Wood Sofa Pillow #2 - 168/83/83
38.Selvadoradian Pillow Set - 466/229/229
39.Snuggle Seat Pillow #1- 194/122/122
40.Snuggle Seat Pillow #2 - 146/96/96
41.Snuggle Seat Pillow #3 - 78/78/78
42.Wooden Lounger Pillow - 126/78/78

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