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'The Harrison'

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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2020 at 4:57 AM
I found a whole book online called The book of brick homes , and thought I might slowly make my way through it recreating the houses for simmies. I'm not making any sort of commitment though as these days I'm hardly reliable when it comes to completing sim builds! But hopefully some will pop up here and there!

So, we start with the first plan in the book which is 'The Harrison'

I have only built this up to the starter furnishing stage (kitchen, bathroom and wardrobes, basically what you'd get when you buy a house) although at just a little over $100,000 its not really a starter house!!
I have tried to keep this in the 1940s era as much as I can using minimal cc.

Please note: for the Georgian manor windows to show up correctly you will need to download the SHORT SHUTTERED WINDOW from Phoenix Phaeries Modern Georgian Manor set BEFORE you install the lot.

I think thats pretty much all, if there are any issues please flick me a message and let me know, prefer to be able to fix something than it not be able to be used!

Custom Content shown but not included:
1940 Ford Tudor Sedan by Vovilla

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 102,000

Custom Content by Me:
- Not so lonely shelf made shiftable

Custom Content Included:
- Colonial door on 2 tiles by leesester
- Ceiling rim and white recolour by 4ESF
- 1 tile sentry gate by aki Kaminari
- Georgian manor set by phoenix_phaerie
- Pediment Door and surround by Phoenix Phaerie
- walnut door on 2 tiles by leesester
- Gutters by frillen
- Highsmith fence by leesester
- Ivy and trellis by simply styling
- Lafenetre-Windows by tbudgett