Pet playgrounds for Riverview (09.10.20 UPD)

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2020 at 5:22 PM
Updated: 9th Oct 2020 at 9:38 PM - UPD

I tried to write here everything I know from Sims 3 game and give you the most detailed descriptions. Hope you find it useful and your beloved muppets, who live in Riverview, will be pleased. Have joy!
Regards. Vic =^_^=

  • 09.10.20: Before I read this I did not know that horse obstacles are depending on horse skill I found that my Vaulting school had not obstacles for horses with zero jumping. I decided to re-share vaulting school (10th lot) with obstacles for newbie horses. That was made furnished price to drop from 53.947 to 53.097. 116th screenshot that shows arena is also replaced.

Additional Credits:
Sims Wiki
Google translator
Maccorade's project for inspiration
CrazySheep808 for collecting all community lots features (EN)
Shimrod101 for describing animal spawners (EN)
Teoaldia for Riverview address map (EN) for misc informational recourses(RU)