Palm House

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Details of each part of the house:
  • First Floor: As you enter the house from the front door, you will find yourself in the entrance room. Going south (if the floor is viewed from above) leads you to the hallway. If you turn east (again, if the floor is viewed from above) in that room, you will enter into the main hall and if you go south again, you will enter the library. In the main hall, going north goes to the dining room, going east leads you to the throne room, and going south leads to a staircase which in turn, leads you to the balcony of the house. From the throne room, going south leads you to two bedrooms and going north leads you to the master bedroom and another doorway leads you to the only bathroom of the house.
  • Enclosed yard: From the gate, going forward leads you to the swimming pool, surrounded by four palm trees and bushes.
  • Unenclosed yard: From its entrance, going east, then north, leads you to the servants' area. Turning north (if viewed from above) leads to the servants' quarters and turning south leads to the kitchen.

Lot Size
40 x 30

Lot Price
Furnished: $68,952
Unfurnished: $58,860