Maple House

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Lot Description
This Siheyuan gives you a sense of privacy as well as being a place where you can have a good view of Shang Simla.

About the Siheyuan:
According to Wikipedia, a Siheyuan is a type of house found in China. This type of house consists of a courtyard which is surrounded with buildings.

Further information can be found here

Details of each courtyard the house:
  • Outer Courtyard: As you walk in via the entrance gate and pass through a short hallway, you will find yourself in the outer courtyard. In front of you is a spirit screen. Going right would lead you to an empty room and if you go to the west, there are more directions to go. Going forward would lead you to a small garden, going west leads to the "reverse-facing" room (and going east from its door goes to a door which is a comfort room), and going east leads you to the second gate which leads you to the inner courtyard.
  • Inner Courtyard: From the center, going forward leads to the master residence, going left leads to the kitchen and dining room, and going right leads to the library.

Details of the Master Residence building:
  • Upon entering you will find yourself in a living room. Going west (from the door) leads to the only bedroom of the house and going right leads to the bathroom.

Expansion Pack Required:
World Adventures (Needed for various build and buy mode stuff used)

Store Content Required:
Asian Fusion (For various build and buy mode stuff used)
Contemporary Comfort Bedroom (For the painting used as a spirit screen)
Zen Again (For various build and buy mode stuff used)
Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center (For the fridge used)

Custom Content Required (Not included in the download):
Decorative Wall Fan from cmomoney at Mod The Sims

Woodfire Stove from Around the Sims 3

Lot Size: 30x40
Lot Price (furnished): $82,317
Lot Price (unfurnished): $67,117