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Chow-chow's Retreat

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2021 at 4:18 PM
Details of each part of the house:
  • First Floor: As soon as you enter the house from the front door, you will find yourself in a room with two archways and a staircase. Taking the staircase leads you to the second floor, while going to the archway on your left leads to the dining room and going to the archway on your right leads you to the living room. Upon entering the dining room, the archway on the north (if the floor is viewed from above) takes you to the kitchen and in the kitchen, the door on your left leads to the garage, while the archway on the northeast leads you to a room which in turn, has a sliding door that leads to the backyard and another archway which takes you to the living room (if the floor is viewed from above).
  • Second Floor: From the staircase, going left leads you to two doors, with the first one leading to a bedroom and another one leading to the master bedroom. Meanwhile, the doors on the right (from the stairs, if the floor is viewed from above) take you to small bedrooms and going further forward is another door which leads to the bathroom.
  • Backyard area: From the sliding door is a swimming pool, lounge chairs on your right, and an outdoor dining area by going left. Going northwest leads you to the playground which consist of a jungle gym, a sandbox, and a slide.

Lot Size:
30 x 40

Lot Price:
Furnished: $74,967
Unfurnished: $46,195