Italian Rowhouses Part 2 - 5 NO CC Residential Lots!

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2021 at 5:40 AM
Updated: 14th Jun 2021 at 12:16 AM
Hi! Today I'm uploading a SET OF RESIDENTIAL LOTS based on rowhouses from the Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy. As just said, these lots are rowhouses and can be placed next to each other to create rows!
This set is an extension of my Italian Rowhouses Super Set and you can use them together to have more options to create your Italian or European dream city!
As always, I love creating content and getting your feedback so feel free to tell me what you think and if you find ways to use these lots in your neighborhoods!

If you've never used rowhouses in your game before, I'll give you some tips: rowhouses are lots with wall extensions on the sides so that, when placing them one next to the other, they look like a seamless row. In the apartments bundle that I linked above, you will find "left ends and right ends" which are rowhouses that have wall extensions only on one side: you can use them to end a row realistically. The residential lots present in this upload are only available as normal row pieces, so if you put them on the end of a row you will need to demolish the unnecessary walls in Build Mode.

Now I will give you some insights on the residential lots in this bundle! Remember than you can always refurnish these houses to suit your households.

"Famiglia" means "family" and Rowhouse Famiglia is perfect for large households! It features three bedrooms (one with a double bed and two with single beds) and a nursery, plus items for cats! With its lightwood rustic furniture and oldie atmosphere, Rowhouse Famiglia is a great traditional Italian home for your sims.

Many of the lots that I've built for this Italian Rowhouses series have vintage, traditional aesthetics. Rowhouse Hipster is an exception! It's perfect for bachelors or young couples who prefer modern designs. Rowhouse Hipster mixes the typical Italian style with urban, black furniture. It also features a garage and items for a dog in the backyard!

With its beautiful, pink garden and notable living room, whoever lives in Rowhouse Melone surely loves the traditional wooden style but gives it an artistic personal take. All the rooms are filled with big paintings that inevitably capture guests' eyes. It features a bedroom and a nursery and it's perfect for a freshly wedded couple!

With its strong black, red and pink palette, Rowhouse Miagolio distinguishes itself from the other houses in this bundle. Whoever lives here surely is a cat lover, as items for cats are present! The house features two bedrooms: one bedroom with a double bed, for parents or a single parent, and a dark bedroom which is perfect for a rebellious emo teenager! In the back garden there's also space for planting seeds.

With an astonishing and colorful back garden, Rowhouse Ragù would be surely desired by all nature lovers! The furniture is made in multiple woods and there are many green and yellow elements around the house: the look is reminiscent of trees and the season of Spring. There are two bedrooms: a main bedroom and a secondary bedroom for a teenager who likes punk music... maybe they are friends with the teenager from Rowhouse Miagolio?
The house also features a garage.